Considering Dedicated Ones own Real estate investment opportunities?

Considering Dedicated Ones own Real estate investment opportunities?

There’s a lot of requests which should be sought after well before starting out for work in real estate investment opportunities. That to begin with thought then again should really be no matter if you may be honestly dedicated helping to make the property market job for you. It is not an online business in the weak in core. For you to honestly make money you have got to end up some times callous once struggling with shoppers and even distributors though honest to somewhat of a carelessness concerning their work that has to commonly do to achieve a home on sellable state.

The particular reason why an impressive devotion it will take to make the property market job for you is straightforward. You might have good and bad during the trip. That industry experience soars and even occurs consistently. Nearly as it’s not possible to put your current supply throughout you harmful afternoon the exact same is true extremely as a result with the manner in the property market investments. Premises worth in most cases elevate slowly and gradually gradually. So despite the fact that that worth at a town fail the chances are that they can in the end get back.
Budapest property

Folks who bank or investment company in the poor and even secure improvement with the significance can be labelled as order and even accommodate speculators. A lot of these speculators can be honestly dedicated ones own expenditure of money. Several people opt to cling the house or property to provide a family trip premises when like better to generate income in the premises as a result of condominium the application over to help you several other familys and travelers, any ones own pick may just be.

It’s a smart way for many of us have fun in the posh to a family trip premises while not reading and absorbing the obligations related to running a family trip premises given that the vacation rentals can assist reward the various bills after the keepers (investors) typically are not on place. It’s a very normal procedure on popular vacation aspects that many people commonly like going on a vacation. Some of these speculators can be everything that quite a few people focus on simply because substantial the property market speculators nonetheless every the property market speculators want to have ones own brings home honestly.

Folks who possess rentals residences also have to end up dedicated helping to make ones own strategy of investment are working for them all. Rentals residences typically are not an important ‘hands off’ variety of expenditure of money, as they simply might want to end up serviced for you to sleep in interest as a result of tenants. You have got to moreover try to make prolonged hard work to remain a lot of these residences mastered and even full and still left positive you will be gathering up ones own buy every day thinking that that residences are usually not falling over proper declare in disrepair and exploitation as a result of tenants.

A number of speculators support the expertise in premises organization providers for you to work with that minutia in month-to-month aspects and even ranges. It’s a plan of action regardless if you have got you single rentals premises as well as a considerable accounts in rentals residences. Better then again, is without a doubt that experts claim if you happen to you want to keep rentals residences on practical revive all through the quite a few years they may grown to be dissolved sources in period. For instance, they’ll definitely have the funds for by themself a couple of times throughout if you happen to put in in the long-term and not aimed at the time.

Regardless variety of real estate investment opportunities you ought to contain it is recommended you will be wanting to try to make that devotion to help you make money and earnings which can be critical that allows ones own embark to remain judged an achievement.



Composite Wood Siding

Siding is a structure material used to secure the structure outside against heat misfortune and climate changes. Sidings are additionally utilized increment the magnificence of the structure outside. Siding can be comprised of metal, wood, workmanship, plastic or composite materials. A few composite materials are utilized to produce sidings. Some of them are asbestos, fiber concrete, aluminum, black-top and so forth Composite siding is for the most part comprised of wood and items that copies wood. Various kinds of siding are accessible like clapboard, vertical board, shingles, level lap siding, shakes, hardwood sheet and pressed wood.

Composite wood siding is accessible in various surfaces that can be utilized to enliven the outside of the structure. It is of three sorts, for example, molecule board, hardboard and medium thickness fiberboard. Previously mentioned kinds of sidings are chiefly comprised of results of wood just as cellulosic particles of various sizes. The cellulosic particles are fortified along with the assistance of a folio or engineered pitch under extreme pressing factor and warmth. The significant downside of medium thickness fiberboard or MDF and molecule board is the utilization of formaldehyde to fabricate these sheets. Formaldehyde isn’t utilized in the assembling of hardboard.

Composite wood siding is made utilizing between felted dialect cellulosic strands under tension and warmth. It is otherwise called designed siding as it is produced using designed wood. Some of them are Oriented strand board, veneered pressed wood siding and hardboards. This sort of composite siding is the specific impersonation of genuine wood siding yet by close investigation you can comprehend that it isn’t unique wood. The cellulosic particles are uniform and in view of that it is hard to distinguish composite wood siding from unique wood siding. Since these siding are man-made, it is intended to meet the particular prerequisites of the application.

prefinished wood siding Tahoe

These sidings come as long boards. You can introduce these boards to the outside flawlessly and without any problem. So composite wood siding is mainstream among the clients. You have numerous choices to introduce these sidings, for example, in an upward direction, evenly and as shingles. The joints of this siding should be possible in a tongue style, groove or in covered way. The composite siding can be fixed straightforwardly to the outside of the structure or by sheathing that can go about as a limiting material between the siding and the house. The sheathing utilized can be made of designed wood or typical wood or as proposed by the installer.


The significance of parks to physical activity and public health

Park-based physical pastime is a promising means to satisfy current bodily interest requirements. However, there may be little studies concerning what park environmental and coverage traits would possibly beautify bodily activity ranges. This look at proposes a conceptual model to guide questioning and advise hypotheses. This framework describes the relationships among park benefits, park use, and physical pastime, and the antecedents/correlates of park use. In this type scheme, the dialogue focuses on park environmental characteristics that would be related to bodily interest, which include park capabilities, situation, get entry to, aesthetics, protection, and rules. Data for those categories have to be gathered inside unique geographic regions in or across the park, together with hobby areas, helping regions, the overall park, and the surrounding community. Future research ought to consciousness on a way to operationalize precise measures and methodologies for collecting statistics, in addition to measuring associations among individual bodily hobby levels and particular park traits. Collaboration among many disciplines is wanted.
Regular bodily pastime has been proven to reduce morbidity and mortality via decreasing heart sickness, diabetes, excessive blood pressure, colon cancer, feelings of melancholy/tension, and weight, while constructing and retaining wholesome bones, muscular tissues, and joints.1 Due to increasingly sedentary jobs and an accelerated reliance on motorized transport, enjoyment-time bodily pastime can be vital in pleasurable endorsed physical hobby degrees. Leisure-time physical pastime can be carried out in a variety of network environments, which includes local parks, which are frequently handy to residents at low or no value.2 However, almost 1 / 4 of the grownup population inside the United States in 2002 pronounced getting no entertainment-time physical activity at all in the course of the past month.Three
Traditionally, studies on disorder prevention has focused people to impact behavioral exchange. Typical approaches to inspire physical activity include curriculum amendment in physical training and fitness classes, one-on-one and group counseling periods in an expansion of settings, provision of promotional materials, screenings, and self-monitoring. These strategies all share a focus on converting behaviors over which people theoretically have manipulate. Because such strategies by myself have not made enough inroads in growing bodily pastime, there have been latest requires interventions that encompass environmental processes as well.Four, 5, 6 An technique that targets structural factors beyond the control of a single man or woman should alter the community surroundings and make it simpler for people to be bodily energetic. Such environments include facilities for entertainment activity, along with trails, public swimming pools, and parks.
Parks are not unusual network functions that provide possibilities for physical hobby, yet we recognise little approximately the precise park characteristics that are most associated with bodily interest.7 Many aspects of parks can be measured and studied on the subject of physical interest. Since it is not viable to test all of them in a single take a look at, a conceptual version is needed to manual thinking and suggest hypotheses. This paper highlights how park and activity settings may affect public fitness via a conceptual framework touching on park environments to physical interest and, in the end, the health of park users. Finally, transdisciplinary field studies is endorsed if you want to examine the relationships among park environmental attributes and bodily hobby stages within park settings.
A conceptual version of the function of parks in public health
Twenty-five years of amusement research have provided a wealth of facts regarding the advantages of parks and pastime services, which include character, social, economic, and environmental advantages.Eight Less attention has been paid, however, to reading the links between parks and physiologic health effects. Recommended recommendations for physical interest encompass four components: frequency, time or duration, kind, and intensity of bodily interest.9 While enjoyment studies has targeted on frequency of entertainment participation, entertainment time utilization, and form of entertainment time bodily interest, what is missing from this literature are studies linking park-primarily based amusement to bodily hobby depth ranges (e.G., sedentary, slight, and lively pastime). Documentation of those enjoyment benefits has also in large part been based totally on self-record methodologies. Recently, there was a growing interest in organising greater objective evidence of such benefits (e.G., improved monetary advantages because of better belongings values, decreased healthcare expenses because of leisure-based totally health programs). By imparting possibilities for bodily hobby, parks can facilitate physical and mental health blessings.10 Many disciplines (public fitness, panorama structure, and parks and recreation) are now wondering how present park settings can be higher promoted or modified to growth physical pastime levels and health. While several research have established linkages among park use and health,eleven, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 few have systematically tested the particular environmental attributes that correspond to higher stages of physical interest. To provide a basis for such studies, a conceptual version is proposed that couches park environments in phrases of their benefits and, extra mainly, proposes the linkage among physical pastime and unique park functions.
Figure 1 highlights the capacity relationships amongst park environmental traits, park visitation, bodily activity within parks, and physical fitness blessings (see shaded boxes of the model). The decrease section of the version indicates antecedents, or correlates of park use (the elements that have an impact on frequency of use and nonuse). At the most simple level these correlates may be grouped into two large categories: the traits of capacity park users and the environmental characteristics of parks themselves. The environmental characteristics of parks are provided in in addition element beneath. The middle segment of the version illustrates the quantity and nature of park use. Park visitation considers those who visit the park, regardless of the form of activity they pursue as soon as there. Once people are inside the park, the “bodily pastime within park” field then describes the extent of interest they engage in, be it sedentary, moderate, or energetic. Finally, the pinnacle section of the version illustrates the numerous types of consequences (or benefits) because of parks and park usage. These include physical health blessings from physical pastime consisting of a lower chance of weight problems, heart sickness, and diabetes; mental fitness advantages including strain discount; social advantages consisting of extended social capital; as well as economic and environmental blessings which could accrue to society resulting virtually from the life of the park in a network. These advantages are described beneath.
Figure thumbnail gr1
Figure 1The dating between parks and physical pastime. Note: Darker arrows and shaded containers indicate the principle connections protected on this paper.
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Benefits of parks and park use
Parks centers and offerings provide numerous opportunities to satisfy individual, social, monetary, and environmental benefits.8, 23 Some of these possibilities advantage an entire network, now not just park users. For instance, a rail-trail may also attract restaurants and stores that in flip spend and make investments cash in the community and increase the community’s tax base. Although the focus of this examine is on the health blessings which can be acquired via bodily hobby in parks, different critical advantages of park use (including psychological, social, monetary, and environmental blessings) ought to also be mentioned.
Physical health advantages
Previous enjoyment research has focused on the position of park-primarily based entertainment in improving moods, decreasing perceived pressure, and improving a feel of wellness.22 However, few research have explicitly investigated the impact of park-based totally amusement pastime tiers at the bodily health of park users. Exercise facilities, which include parks, which are without problems placed (as measured by way of self-reports) were located to be associated with vigorous bodily activity in some of research, amongst each adults and youngsters.Eleven, 12 Other community factors that have been positively related to bodily activity include the presence of exciting surroundings,24, 25, 26, 27 frequency of seeing others exercise,24, 25, 26, 28 and get admission to to and pride with recreational facilities.12, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 Future research at the particular capabilities of parks that promote bodily pastime could investigate the relative significance of get right of entry to to properly-maintained park facilities, a park’s esthetic surroundings, and perceived safety.
Psychological fitness advantages
In addition to the bodily health benefits of parks, there can be numerous psychological advantages for park users that rise up from the proximity of “natural environments.” Studies among employees,33 university college students,34 medical institution sufferers,35 internal-metropolis ladies,36 public housing residents,37 and apartment residents38 have discovered a ramification of mental, emotional, and intellectual fitness benefits stemming from having a view of nature through their home windows. Other studies have counseled that people location cost on the life of parks even when they do now not use them. Ulrich and Addoms,thirteen as an example, discovered that university college students derive great psychological blessings, consisting of “emotions of open space,” “exchange of scenery,” and “vicinity to break out campus,” from their reviews in or nearness to the park. These psychological benefits ranked better in importance than the leisure and social elements associated with parks. Other research have shown that “having the park there” is the largest source of satisfaction for citizens dwelling close to a small park.14, 15 In addition to park proximity, real use of parks additionally pertains to improved psychological health. In a have a look at of older adult park customers who participated in light to slight aerobic interest, Godbey and Blazey16 determined that 1/2 of the pattern indicated that they had been in a better temper after touring the park. In addition, More and Payne17 also observed that park users said decrease stages of tension and disappointment after visiting parks. Hull and Michael’s 18 research of park users located that the longer the participants stayed in park settings, the much less stress they pronounced.
Physical interest and psychological fitness also are associated. Several evaluations of exercise and despair research indicate that exercise reduces melancholy symptoms amongst people recognized with depression by way of three fourths to 1 general deviation and among people without despair with the aid of about one 1/2 widespread deviation.39, 40, forty one, forty two, forty three Therefore, combining the useful results of physical interest on melancholy with the restorative consequences of nature would indicate an critical function for parks in improving psychological fitness.
Social advantages
Parks may facilitate social interactions which are crucial in retaining network cohesion, pride, and social capital.44 Parks play a role in increasing social capital by using supplying a meeting area where humans can expand social ties and a placing in which wholesome conduct (together with bodily hobby) is modeled. Social capital, which is described because the relationships among people that facilitate effective pastime,forty five can be associated with health and bodily activity.Forty six, 47 Studies in poor urban regions endorse that park-like natural factors sell multiplied possibilities for social interactions. Coley et al.Forty eight discovered that during two Chicago public housing traits natural landscaping and spaces with timber attracted large businesses of people than did spaces without nature. A similar study located that publicity to green common areas among elderly internal-town individuals is considerably positively correlated with social integration.49 However, the bodily environment may also inhibit the formation of community social ties when settings are crowded, risky, and noisy.50 Studies among public housing residents advise that the greener a constructing’s surroundings, the fewer crimes, intrafamily aggression, and violence suggested.51, fifty two Settings in which there are extra bushes and vegetation seem to inhibit crime, aggression, and violence, while selling social interaction among individuals. These results point to the significance of inspecting similar relationships similarly afield, both in community park settings and in different populations.
Economic benefits
Outdoor activity centers may additionally offer some of direct and oblique monetary benefits for their communities.Fifty three For example, several research have discovered that proximity to a particular reservoir54, fifty five state park,fifty six or local park57 become positively related to assets value. A look at accomplished in Boulder, Colorado, confirmed that the extra the space of a residential belongings from the greenbelt, the lower the charge of the assets.Fifty eight However, others showed combined or insignificant relationships among property values and distance from a park.Fifty nine, 60, sixty one For example, one look at tested the precise vicinity of houses relative to parks and discovered that there was a wonderful influence on belongings price most effective for the ones homes adjacent to and facing a park, and a poor have an impact on for those houses placed on a lot which subsidized on to the park or that were positioned adjacent to a heavy use vicinity of the park.Sixty two The majority of those studies regarded genuinely at distance of belongings to a park and did not think about the excellent of a park. Parks that have fallen into disuse and disrepair may also attenuate the capacity superb influences on land values. Future research must hold to investigate the park attributes which can effect property costs and the nearby financial system in wellknown.
Environmental blessings
Parks may additionally play a role in retaining and purifying the surroundings.Eight Air pollutants is a extensive human health concern as it is able to motive coughing, complications, lung, throat, and eye inflammation, breathing and coronary heart sickness, and cancer.63 Trees in city areas play a function in decreasing air pollution by way of absorbing gaseous pollutants and storing them, thereby removing them from the surroundings.63 Urban trees also slight temperatures by way of supplying shading and cooling to an area, hence helping to reduce the threat of warmth-associated ailments in city dwellers,64, 65, 66, sixty seven and in turn changing building energy use, which impacts pollution emissions from energy vegetation.63 Since parks are areas that typically contain massive numbers of bushes, their capacity environmental contribution have to be considered.


Freshwater Aquarium Algae – Conquer and Control!

The first step in controlling freshwater aquarium algae is accepting the fact that it will always be there; in fact algae growth is a positive sign that your aquarium is healthy. Once you accept this basic truth, you can move past the battle zone and start working on control.

Adhering to good maintenance practices will resolve 90% of your algae issues, by this we mean proper feeding habits, healthy stocking levels, adequate filtration systems, and 10-15% weekly water changes with a gravel vacuum.

In spite of all your diligent hard work, there will come a time when something goes awry and your beautiful, pristine aquarium is going to experience an algae explosion that will have to be dealt with. Armed with good information dancetokyotama and a positive attitude, you will be victorious!

There are several types of freshwater aquarium algae and for each the underlying cause and treatment plan will differ, however the battle plan is always the same: identify – conquer – control. Here are several algae types you will likely have an opportunity to deal with at some point in your hobby and some suggestions on how to handle them.

Brown Algae

Common to new tanks, it is also known as gravel or silica algae. It is harmless to your fish and typically goes away as your tank matures. It is most often promoted by low oxygen levels, insufficient light and excess nitrates or silicates in the water column. Adding an air stone or two, putting in a new light bulb and increasing your photo period should take care of the first two causes.

Test your nitrate levels, if they are high, perform small (10%) water changes for several days until the level drops; you will want to identify why your nitrate levels are high and deal with that underlying cause as well, otherwise you will be right back to where you started. If silicates are an issue, your water source is the most likely culprit; finding an alternate water source or adding silicate absorbing resins in your filter should help alleviate this issue.

Beard Algae

Also referred to as red algae, it grows on the edges of hard surfaces and prefers organic items such as plants and tree logs over other decorations in your aquarium. It grows in dense patches and resembles a dirty green beard, grows rapidly and is near impossible to remove by hand.

Affected plants can be taken out of the aquarium, contaminated leaves removed and dipped in a 5% bleach solution for 2 or 3 minutes – be sure to rinse thoroughly before returning to the aquarium. Likewise, decorations can be removed, soaked in a 10% bleach solution for 15 minutes, thoroughly rinsed, allowed to dry completely, and then returned to the aquarium.

Green Algae

Often called hair or thread algae, this is considered healthy algae that will always exist in your tank and one that you actually want! It has been demonstrated time and again that algae will return sooner and grow faster in a thoroughly cleaned tank vs. one that has been left with a few spots of algae. We recommended leaving a few decorations untouched to continue taking up the nutrients in your water column.

Green Water

Also called algae bloom, it is billions of microscopic single cell algae suspended in the water and is a direct result of too much light, usually sunlight and high saturations of nutrients. They can become so dense you won’t be able to see more than an inch or two into the aquarium. Luckily they are not dangerous to your fish as it may take several weeks to clear up.

The base cause must be identified before moving forward – if it is sunlight, block the light or move the tank – it if is nutrients, review your maintenance basics, identify the problem and fix it. Then you can deal with your green water.

Introducing daphnia is one solution; they eat the algae and then become food for your fish. In addition to blocking all light for several days, use of a diatomic filter or UV sterilizer will help to clear your water as well. Be sure to perform frequent water changes, vacuuming the dead cells before they have a chance to elevate nitrate levels.

Green Spot Algae

Actually, this is not algae at all. The Green spots on your tank walls are microscopic animals called diatoms that secrete a hard calcium shell on which green algae grows. Using the correct scraper/scrubber for your aquarium type during maintenance sessions should keep a handle on these little critters.

Blue-Green Algae

Green, blue, black or red in color, this is not algae! It is cyanobacteria which spreads quickly, looks nasty and can cause major damage in short order. Phosphate is normally the driver behind this scourge; high levels of organic wastes or anaerobic (low or no oxygen) conditions can be contributors as well.

Clean as much as you can from the aquarium, reduce the light source for several weeks and try an organic chemical such as Boyd’s Chemi Clean or comparable product. Check your tap water for phosphates, if levels are elevated, find another source for your water changes. Employ good cleaning and water change procedures, be patient and keep at it. You will prevail in the end.

Rozlyn Rozberry has been an avid aquarium enthusiast for more than 4 decades; she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others in need. For more great tips on managing your freshwater aquarium algae, visit Be sure to sign up for our FREE eCourse on freshwater aquariums while you’re there!


Algae the Carbon Neutral Fuel Source

Derived from the Latin word meaning “seaweed”, algae are a diverse group of “autotrophic organisms” that are used to produce: agar, alginate, fertilizer, energy, biofuel, nutritional or beauty products, pigments, and stabilizing substances (Source Wikipedia). They can also be used for pollution control.

There are over 100,000 different algaragedoorrepair types of algae, and they can be found in almost every climate around the world. Some algae grow better in different environments than others. Some thrive in saltwater or freshwater, while others flourish in wastewater. Some algae are also found in terrestrial environments (even in snow and ice). In recent times, when homegrown fuel sources seems to hold more importance than ever before, scientists are testing various algae under different conditions, to improve algae farming practices, and to ultimately someday, replace gasoline with this carbon neutral biofuel.

Why all the hype about algae? Aside from removing all dependency on foreign oil, microalgae can produce up to 60 times the oil of its land based plants counterparts. Also, under the right conditions, microalgae can produce oil that can be converted into biofuels. These biofuels can then be used for almost anything that currently uses gasoline or diesel to operate such as: cars, boats, trains, airplanes, as well as yard or farming equipment just to name a few. Microalgae are also able to convert sunlight into energy, and like other plants, algae relies on carbon dioxide to grow. This is great news for the environment, as algae actually removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Some researchers suggest that it could also be beneficial to build algae farms next to existing power plants (that use fossil fuels), so that they can feed and grow directly off their carbon dioxide exhaust emissions(capturing them before they would be released into the atmosphere).

You may now be asking, how on earth do algae create oil? Algae are harvested and housed on algae farms worldwide, in large reservoir basins called “raceways”(as they resemble automobile raceways) or “ponds” which cultivate a new crop of algae every few weeks. Oil is extracted by literally breaking down the algae’s cell structure. This is accomplished by using various solvents, or through sonification (sound waves). Once oil is extracted, it still requires further processing at an oil refinery before it is ready to be used as a biofuel.

What are the drawbacks of using algae? Although there are various obvious environmental benefits in the usage of algae as a biofuel, there are several downsides. One such downside is the fact that algae pond facilities require over 1000 acres of land per facility (Source Scientific American). Another issue is that the market for this biofuel is not currently in great demand. Even if offered in the current market, it would be very expensive making petroleum fuels still the primary choice of consumers. Currently these biofuels are only in demand in places where traditional petroleum fuels are scarce.

Looking forward, it could be in many nations best interest to further examine ways to get this biofuel to the mainstream market at an affordable price to the consumer. One way, might be to form partnerships with oil companies to bring the product to the existing market, or to look at more efficient ways to further improve algae farming practices. While the “fracking” process used in oil extraction has detrimental effects on our planet, so would the installations of countless algae farm facilities have on its natural landscape. In spite of algae’s unique ability to remove fossil fuels from the atmosphere, further innovation will be required to produce an alternate to the current blueprint of algae pond facilities that will inevitably require too much land to be encroached upon, resulting in significant habitat loss.


The Mormon Alliance With Boy Scouting

The Mormon Church, a nickname for the officially designated Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), has had an affiliation with the privately established, and operated, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) since late in the year of 1938, an affiliation hardly known among the American public. The Mormon relationship with the BSA began quite ordinarily in 1913, as it had started with numerous other religious organizations that had sought affiliation with the Boy Scouting movement. Yet, when the first ward, or local congregation, of the Mormon Church requested and obtained a charter from the National Council of the BSA to sponsor a Boy Scout troop in the second decade powellgaragedoorrepair of the 20th Century, no one had envisioned what that association would become in a span of 25 years. At that time, in 1913, the Salt Lake City Mormon hierarchy had made it an option for wards to obtain troop charters from the BSA, and those wards that had elected to do so admitted boys, in the States of Utah and Idaho, from other different religious sects and denominations to participate equally with the Mormon boys. Catholic, Luthern, Baptist, Methodist, etc. boys could attain, and, over time, hold the various troop leadership positions according to their individually earned merit, in strict accordance with the official scouting rules. These positions currently were, and still are: 1) patrol leader, 2) senior patrol leader, 3) assistant patrol leader, 4) troop guide, 5) quartermaster, 6) scribe, and 7) instructor. The competitive and meritorious attainment of these troop positions, in accordance with National BSA Handbook, continued until around 1938, when the Mormon Church had succeeded in amassing enough corporate financial clout (a net worth of 2.8 billion dollars) and political influence (many Mormons, by that time, had achieved high ranks the federal and State government bureaucracies) to buy-into the BSA with a hardly publicized agreement with its governing National Council. This contractual agreement was unlike any other charter-arrangement with any other social or religious organization. In 1938, there were approximately 11,500 LDS wards and branches around the United States. When the BSA was offered a nation-wide ward/branch charter affiliation by the Mormon Church, plus a generous yearly donation (millions of dollars), the BSA’s National Council very greedily, and quickly, accepted the offer. The secret terms of the agreement between the Mormon Church and the BSA were kept so-secret that very little information about it leaked to the media, and from there to the American people.

Having formerly been a Mormon elder for over 40 years, from 1971 until 2013, and a scoutmaster and scout troop committee chairman in four different LDS wards, at different times, around the nation, I believe that I possess the qualifications to speak objectively about the characteristics of the Mormon scouting program. Most 20th and 21st Century American people, who have not been, and are not currently, affiliated with the Mormon Church, presume that boys, twelve-and-over, of all church affiliations have equal-standing with Mormon boys in Mormon ward scout troops. Well, this is not true, and it hasn’t been true since the turn of the year 1939. The aforementioned agreement that was made in late-1938 between the Mormon Church and the BSA was that, in return for the Mormon Church making the BSA program a requirement in every one of its 11,500 wards ( a total of 36,500 in 2015), and their donating a hefty sum to the BSA every year, the Church was permitted by the BSA to nationally incorporate their ecclesiastical priesthood program into every ward/troop organization.

What this essentially means is that, at the age of twelve-years, every “worthy” Mormon boy (as deemed worthy by a ward bishop) is ordained a deacon in the Mormon Aaronic Priesthood and graduated, by virtue of attaining that Aaronic Priesthood Office of a Deacon, into the ward scouting program. All Mormon boys are currently as expected to enter the Scouting program by the Mormon Church hierarchy as they are to go on 2-year full-time missions after high school graduation. By the Mormon rites of religious passage, the general rules of Boy Scouting were altered to inseparably connect the general scouting ranks attained in the ward troops with the three ascending ranks of the Mormon Aaronic Priesthood, which are 1) deacon, 2) teacher, and 3) priest. This is where the blatant discrimination and inequality occur in Mormon BSA troops, and why you don’t see boys from other churches mingled with the Mormon boys. To illustrate, let’s say that a dynamic and precocious 14 year-old Lutheran boy, who has attained-early the rank of Life-Scout and is eager to become an Eagle Scout, transfers from a Lutheran troop to a Mormon troop. He can’t do this without encountering severe prejudice from the Mormon troop organization. Immediately upon entering such a troop, the Lutheran boy is regarded as inferior to less-qualified Mormon boys of lesser-rank simply because he is not a member of the Mormon Church, and a holder of the Mormon Aaronic Priesthood. Even if he is more eminently qualified than the Mormon scouts, he will not have the opportunity to be an officer of the LDS troop because he is not a Mormon, and a priesthood-holder. Having also seen and compared the achievements of many Mormon scouts with the achievements of other scouts in troops sponsored by other churches, I can say without hesitation that those other scouts are much better qualified and trained than the Mormon scouts. In the Mormon troops that I have mentored as a scoutmaster, in Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, and California, the Mormon parents, and the troop merit badge counselors, don’t require the LDS scouts to be disciplined and individually accountable for demonstrating the strict requirements set-down by Scouting for the merit badges that they routinely receive. In many cases, merit badge counselors in Mormon troops don’t press their boys for full achievement, and the parents do most the work required in typical Eagle projects for their sons, which, instead, should be totally done by the individual scouts for them to be properly credited for the achievements. I have felt sorely at a loss while at Council Courts of Honor, when Mormon Eagle Scouts have been ranked as equal to other non-Mormon Eagle Scouts, when the blatant inequality was staring pointedly at me in the face.

This is, truly, something that the honorable originator of Boy Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell, would have vehemently opposed, if he had lived to see it happen. You see, Lord Baden-Powell was a British Christian, and created the ideology of Boy Scouting under a banner of Judeo-Christian morality and standards. Duty to God was understood by Baden Powell as the predicate for all of the endeavors made and achieved in Boy Scouting. He said, in 1937, “There is no religious “side” of the (Scouting) movement. The whole of it is based on religion, that is, on the realization and service of God.” This idealism that was espoused by Baden-Powell, and bequeathed by him to Scouting, was what made extremely odd the very unethical 1938 agreement negotiated between Mormonism and the Christian-oriented National Council of the BSA. Since its 1830 inception, Mormonism has been regarded by outspoken Christian theologians as un-Christian in theology and doctrine, and I, unfortunately, spent over 30 years of my life in the Mormon Church not fully realizing that it conceals beneath its false Christian facade a polytheistic trheology epitomized by the doctrinal statement made by one of its esteemed prophets, Lorenzo Snow, in the late 19th Century. “As man is God once was, and as God is, man may become.” In other words, the Mormons doctrinally believe that God the Father was once a mortal man, and that all worthy Mormon elders can become father-Gods. The well-known, if not infamous, Mormon Prophet Brigham Young also said in one of the LDS General Conferences in Salt Lake City that “There are as many Gods as there are stars, and as many saviors as there are Gods.” The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has even officially published on its BGEA website that the Mormon Church is not Christian, but a pagan cult. Therefore, if the National Council of the BSA made an agreement with a polytheistic un-Christian religious organization, such as the Mormon Church, just three years before Lord Baden-Powell was laid to rest, in order to give special consideration to Mormonism in exchange for money, they must have realized that they were making a deal with the devil. I know, for a fact, that Lord Baden-Powell was not a pragmatist, and would not have negotiated, and comprised, with evil to any extent; for he was an idealist who believed that there was a right, and a wrong, to every question about life. By not believing, and promoting, that there is a right, and a wrong, to all questions about morality, and life in general, evil compromises, and unholy alliances with evil frequently occur in today’s world; which are abominations in the face of God.

Now comes an expanded discussion about the grave topic of homosexuality in Scouting, the statements and advocations of the pragmatic politician Robert Gates, and a delineation of political correctness and its inherent integration with evil, its only derivative. First-off, Lord Baden-Powell, though a devout Anglican throughout his life, did not base his beliefs about morality on Anglicanism. He, instead, predicated his idealism of universal morality, and of God, on the holy Judea-Christian law, the Ten Commandments. He also said, on several occasions, to his associates, “I’m sure that there were other important commandments that God could have added to the Ten Commandments, but He, no doubt, thought that man would use common sense to avoid committing those sins against nature.” Without a doubt, if Lord-Baden Powell were here today, he would still be a fervent moral idealist, and would regard homosexuality as a sin against nature and as a psycho-sexual disorder, and would endeavor to keep as great a distance between Scouting and homosexuality as possible.

Apparently, the moral idealism embraced by Lord Baden-Powell, and the original Scouting program, was abandoned by Robert Gates during his very questionable ascension in governmental authority and power, after he had earned Scouting’s highest award. When Gates earned the rank of Eagle Scout, he did so in a Lutheran Church troop in Witchita, Kansas, under the moral scrutiny of a kind elderly Lutheran priest. When Gates’s became a Boy Scout, be took the Scout Oath, “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty, to God and my country, and to obey the Scout law; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight,” and he reiterated the oath when he was conferred the Eagle Award. Later, in his university studies at the College of William and Mary, Gates learned the perverse value of pragmatism in what he accepted as the “necessary compromise with evil,” and realized that he could obtain greater personal rewards by making opportunistic deals with the emerging immoral power-structures, and became known to the federal government for his willingness to compromise. His graduate studies at Indiana University and Georgetown University were immersed in the black arts of sophistry and political compromise, and were all about how to succeed in getting unconstitutional and immoral policies pass through compromises with wealthy, powerful, and highly placed people in government. His compromising posture made him a perfect candidate for Secretary of Defense under Obama, and before, during, and after, his control over the CIA, he had acquired a penchant for deceiving people into believing his sophistry, which amounted to an acquired skill of convincing a large portion of the American electorate that what is as dark and malevolent as sin is as white and pure as the driven snow. And now, at 72, as he stands behind a lecturn on national television representing the Boy Scouts of America, and advocates that homosexuals should be allowed to lead scout troops, he is still practicing the black art of sophistry. Moreover, the other BSA National Council leaders, in Irving, Texas, are, for all intents and purposes, apparently in favor of, and are following, the sophistic lead of Robert Gates. My take on the matter is that, if the BSA would have compromised its moral integrity through an immoral long-lasting agreement with the Mormon Church, in 1938, it wouldn’t have any qualms about dispensing completely with the standards of Godly morality by admitting homosexuals to the organization in 2015.

If this essay is alarming to American parents, who didn’t know about the existing unholy alliance between the Boy Scouts of America and the Mormon Church, those parents should do something about it. The contract made by the Mormon Church with Scouting is something that the Honorable Lord-Baden Powell would have vehemently opposed. A special deal made especially for an unchristian cult by the BSA, a private organization founded on Judea-Christian principles, is a heresy before God Almighty. Moreover, a compromise with the sin of homosexuality is an abomination before God. Compromises with evil are never redeeming processes, but will only accord continually greater tolerances for sin until good is completely vanquished. There is a right and wrong to every question in life, and Robert Gates knows this truth. His perverse advocacy for evil, the acceptance of homosexuality into Scouting, should be repulsed and openly rejected by every American Christian who loves Jesus Christ and his Holy Gospel, and by every Jew who believes in the one God of Israel. Gates and his followers don’t expect the stalwart American Christians to stand together to oppose homosexuality as an evil sin. So I pray that every Christian family and person will openly proclaim, as Joshua proclaimed, in the Old Testament, in Joshua 24:15, “But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”



Bandung, Indonesia – Shopping and Volcanoes, Really!

Background Information
Bandung, the old administrative capital of Dutch colonial rule, is an incredible settlement set in the hills of Indonesia. Now known as the Jakarta elite’s weekend playground, Bandung is host to a dizzying amount of factory outlet stores and so-called ‘richman bungalows.’ However, the imposing figure of Tangkuban Perahu, an active volcano about 1.5hr from the city centre, reminds the traveler that nature is never far in Bandung and indeed, there is a deluge of stuff to do in Bandung, both in terms of shopping and eco-tourism.

Most of Bandung’s population are of Sundanese descent, and hence they speak Sundanese, a variant of the official Bahasa Indonesia. There are a large majority of Muslims in Bandung. However, other major religious groups include Christianity, followed by Hinduism and Buddhism. There are many mosques and cathedrals of heritage that can be seen all around Bandung.

Hotels are plentiful in Bandung but take note that accommodation prices are noticeably higher than in locations such as Bali or Lombok. We recommend Patradisa Budget Hotel at Jalan Wastu Kencana as we feel it is value for money and the rooms are decently furnished and clean. Breakfast is included and best of all, the hotel is within walking distance of Bandung’s major malls and factory outlets.

Things to do

* Shopping
Bandung is definitely a place for all the shopaholics out there. There are many high quality fake items.Original goods are available in limited supply. Clothing, handbags, traditional handicrafts are all available in Bandung. Local shopping hotspots include Jalan Riau, Dago Street and Jalan Otto, where Pasar Baru, the 7-storied market and handicraft mega-store is located. You may have to take up to 2-3 days to fully explore and visit all the factory outlets in Bandung.

* Tangkuban Perahu Volcano
Tangkuban Perahu is a moderately active volcano 1.5 hrs north of Bandung. You can drive UP to the peak of Tangkuban Perahu, but strangely, not DOWN from it. Hence, the many local ‘guides’ will swarm towards you and offer their ‘expertise’ to scale down Tangkuban Perahu. If this is your first time here, we reluctantly advise you to pick a guide, who WILL overcharge you. At the peak, there will many local handicraft and strawberry sellers. There are also a few warongs at scenic locations where you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Scaling down the volcano will take about 1 hour and you will pass by some steaming geysers and hot springs at the base of Tangkuban Perahu. You can have your feet massaged here with volcanic mud for about 20,000RP or alternatively, just dip your feet and relax in the plentiful hot springs around. This is a very touristy area, though.

* Kawah Putih Volcano
Kawah Putih (‘White Crater’) is an extinct volcanic crater located south-west of Bandung. The drive from Bandung city will take about 2 hours. There will be pickup vans at the base of Kawah Putih to take you up to the actual crater itself. Driving up with your own private vehicle is possible, but very expensive. These pickups only cost 15,000RP and use open-sided ‘safari-style’ pickup vans, which makes the ride up very interesting. The view pkv online   of Kawah Putih itself is stunning and at times, surreal. Occasionally, the clouds will intermix with the sulphuric gases from the crater, forming this entirely white backdrop. A stunning location for photographs and a must-visit! A word of advice though,it gets really cold at the summit of Kawah Putih, so do bring along your jacket and gloves.

* Mount Papandayan
Mount Papandayan is located in the Garut Region, about 3 hours drive from Bandung. It is an active and highly unstable volcano that last erupted in 2002. Hire a guide at the base of the volcano and the trek up the volcano can take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours or an entire day, depending on the route you are taking. Along the way, you will pass by hissing sulphur vents and beautiful, eerily-white sulphur lakes.The stench of sulphuric gases is very strong here, so bring along a towel to cover your nose. At the summit of Mount Papandayan, there is a beautiful lake called Danau Hijau, which you can take swim in, if you want. Definitely a good place to snap great photos as the scenery is breathtaking. A must-go as you can get up-close to boiling craters and sulphur vents with no barriers. Do take your time to enjoy the scenery from the peak of Mount Papandayan.




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