Zühre and Tahir


The narrative of Zühre and Tahir is like Aslı and Kerem’s experience. A childless king and vizier mask themselves and go to the bazaar. In the bazaar, a dervish sees the team going on their way. At the point when the ruler asks the dervish what his and the vizier’s desires are, the dervish realizes that the desire in their souls is the longing to have a kid. Upon this, the ruler approaches him for help. The dervish takes an apple from his pocket and partitions it into two by introducing one section to the ruler and the other to the vizier. The dervish advises them to eat the apples around evening time. He likewise says the ruler مسلسلات تركية قصة عشق will have a little girl and the vizier will have a child. They should name the young lady Zühre while naming the child Tahir and afterward wed them. He expresses that on the off chance that they don’t wed, their affection will be an adventure until the end times. When Tahir and Zühre, who were conceived and grew up at comparative occasions, arrive at the period of marriage, the expressions of the dervish are not followed when the ruler’s significant other restricts. The ruler’s significant other turns the king against Tahir with a unique enchantment, and Tahir is sent to the prison. Since Tahir won’t abandon Zühre, it is concluded he will be executed. Tahir needs to ask before the execution and asks God to end his life in that spot. Tahir dies, and Zühre can’t hold up under the torment of losing Tahir and loses her psyche. At the point when she visits the grave of Tahir, she additionally bites the dust.
One of the faithful companions of Majnun sees the couple in his fantasy later on. In the fantasy, they are in the nursery of paradise together, representing that the team rejoined outside the limits of time and the material world

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