Playground Injuries

Playground Dangers

Playgrounds are well-established areas of fun and exercise for children. These recreational areas have been in existence for years, and as time has passed and the dangers of old materials and technology have surfaced, they have evolved to become safer and safer.

However, despite how far playground technology tomukgum has come, these children’s areas can still pose serious dangers if not used correctly, if supervision is not present, or if they have been poorly constructed and maintained. If your child has suffered a playground-related injury, then you may have the right to claim damages from the party responsible for this unfortunate incident. An experienced and qualified personal injury attorney can help you explore your rights in this situation.

Sources of Playground Injuries

Every year, over 200,000 children under the age of 15 require emergency attention for injuries they have sustained while playing on playgrounds. Children tend to roughhouse and don’t always use the equipment as intended, so adults need to be present to prevent such dangerous behavior. Playgrounds also need to be build according to specifications and maintained regularly, since they experience so much wear and tear.

Common risk factors leading into serious playground injuries include the following:

· Lack of supervision

· Poor instruction on how to behave on the playground

· Poor equipment maintenance

· Faulty or defective equipment

· Poor construction of playground equipment

· Poor material choice for the grounds

· Tripping dangers

· Poorly designed, sharp equipment

Many older playgrounds, in particular, can be extremely dangerous for young children who lack the body control and understanding to always play safe and protect themselves from obvious hazards. As a parent or supervisor, always check the playground for dangers, warn the children of any risks, and watch them closely as they play.

Common Injuries

Playgrounds contain a number of different pieces of equipment to entertain their young visitors. Children can climb, crawl, swing, hang and slide on the many features commonly present in these recreational areas. Because of this, however, there are also many different ways that children may hurt themselves when on a playground.

Come of the most common injuries include the following:

· Strangulation

· Amputations

· Cuts, lacerations and bruises

· Bone breaks and fractures

· Internal injuries

· Dislocations

· Concussions

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