A Lack Of Consideration for Nurturing Young Females in Public Schools

This is the story of a public school failing to support the mental, social, and emotional development of young females. There is an argument to be made that the impact on young males is similarly damaging, but, for this article, I will be focusing on the feminine aspect.

My first complaint is regarding a policy that was initiated by the school principal. He instituted a policy wherein students were not allowed to gather in more than groups of two, and were not allowed to walk and talk on the playground at recess. All children were required to be actively participating in a sport or recognized activity, and were prohibited from just chatting together.

This policy directly targeted the female population, as evidenced by the walking-and-talking behavior being a primarily female socialization method (with males primarily socializing through shared activities.) If this commonly recognized developmental fact is not enough evidence of the sex-based discriminatory nature of the policy, my daughter reports that the principal made an announcement to the classrooms when the ban was lifted. His announcement threatened that the ban would be reinstated if there was “any more girl drama.” There were many witnesses to this announcement.

His imposed restriction and subsequent comment were directly prohibitive to the natural development of a young female. My daughter was forced to choose which one of her several good friends she wanted to partner with for the day, and was additionally prohibited from engaging in bonding conversation with such friend. This was cause for her to experience anxiety.

My second complaint will involve my daughter’s experiences with her fifth-grade teachers.

My daughter’s original fifth grade teacher was reported by my daughter to have a very strict and intimidating demeanor. As a very sensitive child – and with high expectations for herself – my daughter would regularly develop a literal stomach ache from the anxiety of being worried about pleasing him with her performance. Part of her anxiety came from listening to him single-out other children in the classroom, in order to make humiliating public examples of them through pointing out their flaws.

In support of my daughter – both academically and psychologically – I communicated with this teacher through email on a regular basis. I received good reports about my daughter’s performance from him. Immediately following the start of his extended departure from the classroom due to illness, however, the second quarter report card came out. The teacher had recorded a D- for my daughter’s social studies grade before he left, and had made a note that she “needs to learn to ask for help when she needs it.” This is an insulting insinuation that this teacher knows when, where, and who my daughter should be asking for help, better than my daughter knows it for herself.

There was no indication in his regular emails to me that she was in need of academic help. In fact, one of his most recent emails at this time was to let me know that my daughter had received one of the top scores on a math test. I also observed a very limited amount of social studies content in my daughter’s homework. What I did observe, I assisted her to complete (specifically, a PowerPoint presentation about Martin Luther King, Jr., in which I encouraged her to include a mention on women’s rights.)

The D- grade and related comment on the report card came out of left field, which is not acceptable, considering the amount of communication transpiring between the instructor and myself up until that point. The tactic employed by the teacher in this regard was a blow to my daughter’s self-esteem, which I had to work to alleviate. She was dismayed upon viewing the grade and the comment, as she had been receiving feedback that she was doing well up until that point. This tactic was cruel.



The Vibration of Love – Another Look at My Egoic “Ego-ICK” Self

The way I see it (perceive it) is that only LOVE will save our souls, our lives, our nation and our world. I know it seems as if I have blinders on, like I am looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Maybe I am, maybe that is the way we heal, the way we make amends, the way we discover our wholeness of being. As we align with the vibration of our Creator and we become the frequency of LOVE we allow ourselves to perceive this world with different eyes.

Today I was going through one of my journals looking for specific notes from an interaction. What I found was the inspiration for another article.

This is what I wrote in my journal entry:

The energy of 317 a path to transformation…

I sit here contemplating these papers, the messages, the cards and the warnings, I understand that it was all a path. What do I need and who do I need to tell me that I am enough? What and why do I continue to hold on to things and ideas which are “Fear Based”, that tell me that I am not enough or that I am not special? Everything has been a signpost – not badges- not magical emblems – words – symbols, just signpost to my innate abilities and to my perfection. We use cards, medicine, horoscopes, runes, fortune cookies, Ouija boards, etc. to tell us who we are. I am gonna go out on a limb here and pretend that I am the all-knowing, all mighty see-er of all and tell myself that I AM CREATED IN THE PERFECTION OF GOD. The only path, the only forward movement, the only relationship I need is with my higher self and my source. Is that an egoic statement? No it is the antithesis of an egoic statement. When I connect to my Source I connect to all others, because they are of the same source. So I will BE those numbers instead of looking for them to tell me what and where to go. The only magic here is me saying YES to my Source.

I had completely forgotten this journal entry, which had come to me after a deep meditation. At that time I had been continuing to peel away my fear based beliefs and found a huge layer to tear off. The meditation and journal entry were a result of that. But today, about one year later it has a new message for me, which I have decided to share with you.

My newest struggle is figuring out why I sometimes react negatively to what I see as separatist propaganda. The “women’s movement” the “Me Too” phenomena and many more, at times, just makes me want to crawl under a rock or worse yet, to get very confrontational. I have to ask myself, a 57 year old women, who has in the past found herself against the glass ceiling, has had plenty of Me TOO experiences and who is the survivor of physical and mental abuse, why I find my egoic-self (EGO-ICK as in ICKY) wanting to be repulsed by these movements and to lash out. This is what I have concluded. Just as in how I now perceive the numbers, symbols and fortune cookies, I have a new perspective of how our earthly world works.

Anytime we are trying to heal something or someone as in “Women will heal our nation and our world” we are looking at the absence of the wholeness or wellness of our nation, world or the human beings involved. When we perceive Anything as broken or imperfect that is what we will continue to experience. We are the projectors of our reality. Long ago, I let go of the idea that I am damaged, need to fix or repair myself and to fix the perpetrators of my so called damage. We heal ourselves, our families, others, our country and our world by seeing and emphasizing what we love and what is good; by seeing the perfection and magnificence in others, in the world and most importantly within ourselves. We heal by seeing our Source, knowing our Source, knowing that we are all “IT” created in that beautiful likeness, no matter what the outward projection has been or currently is.



A Power Plant Is a Good Place to Be FROM (A Female Perspective)

I never thought that being in a male-dominated field would be so difficult for a woman. I was often in college classes with only one to a handful of women – I was studying mechanical engineering. It was not an issue, and we got along well with the guys. No one prepared me for what I would encounter, once I began working.

After college, I was hired by an energy utility company. After a training period (where I was sent to a nuclear power plant twice), I was assigned to a coal-fired power plant for 5 years.

I was the first and only female inside the plant – there was a replacement front desk clerk who was female (but she was very jealous of me coming into… “her territory” – I was so happy when the original desk clerk came back to work – she was great).

Below are things I had to put up with:

– There was smoking in the office, and smoking was everywhere (I have always been a non-smoker).

– Coal dust was everywhere.

– Asbestos dust was in the air.

– Men did not trust me in what I did. A woman had no credibility.

– Some of my bosses perceived me to be a secretary type to do their typing and such.

– There were “nudie” pin-ups everywhere.

– There were nudie magazines in the bathrooms (called “reading material”) and guys would spend lots of time in those bathrooms. The bathrooms were always disgusting.

– When the men’s wives called on the phone, and I answered, they would often get terse or hostile with me.

– There were many unfounded rumors about me.

– Management decided that I needed a women’s bathroom with a shower, so the maintenance department built a bathroom, changing area and shower. I figured they likely built a peephole too – so I didn’t use the shower (I lived less than 5 minutes away so there was no need to shower there, anyway). I always had a jacket covering me when using the facility.

– It was easier to wash my work clothes if hosed I them off first, from all the ground-in dust and oil.

– One boss started a cash pool to have the guys guess my measurements – and he asked me to tell him what my measurements are, so that he could pick a winner – what? I was so angry and hurt – no, I didn’t tell him or anyone! Then I realized I was probably being sized up and stared at by the people in the power plant.

– Sometimes the guys in my office went out for liquid lunch – so I had to cover for them in the afternoon, while they hung out at the lake until they sobered up.

– One day, the mechanics decided to sit on the stairs leading to my office area, keeping me from going up. I was frustrated but had steel toed shoes on, so I climbed over them to get to where I needed to go – I’m not sure if I hurt anyone, but they never blocked me again.

– One time, I was going to check the vibration on a fan (it was a really big fan), but when I opened the door to the room, a guy was peeing into the drain hole. I dropped the door handle in shock, but then I decided that I was supposed to be in there (and he was not supposed to be doing that), so I walked in. He had run quickly out with an arc of pee dropping from the air. He had apparently gone to the control room and confessed – so within an hour, there were notices posted around that explained to the men to use the restrooms, and not any other part of the plant.

– I was asked several times to sleep with some of the guys – one was frustrated because his wife was pregnant and “unappealing” – no, I did not oblige.

– Guys looked up the catwalks to try to see something (as if anyone can see anything with my jeans/overalls on?).

– Women would get rated as they walked by the welder area – they’d all come out and watch us walk and rate us (this was at the next plant, where I worked for 6 months after 5 years at the first one).

Changes were made over time. Nudie posters came down, though in large they remained inside the maintenance tool cabinets. More safety procedures were put into place. The men learned to respect me more and realized I could contribute.

They eventually realized that I was very good with balancing rotating equipment (I became one of 3 “balancing experts” in the company). We spent many hours and nights balancing, because the large equipment could be taken out of service at night, when energy load was lower.

The operators grudgingly let me teach them how to use the computer – when the controls were switched out from pneumatic to electronic.

The plant manager once took me for a walk and asked me about situations – he made changes, including transferring the then current boss out, and stopping the liquid lunches.

In all truth, this power plant turned out to become more bearable in many ways, over that 5 years. I am fortunate that no one forced himself on me – but I was very assertive about that. I made a few friends in the plant who looked out for me. The second plant was never comfortable for me to work at, even with more women there.

I was once approached to sue the company for the discrimination I dealt with (I didn’t sue, as I felt I would have trouble finding another job, with the stigma of the lawsuit on my back, and I knew it would be very emotional).

I honestly was part of the “#MeToo” culture. I endured a great deal of adversity, being a woman in a man’s work field. I’m just glad that I helped make changes that would help other women after me.



Steel Copper Joint and Hydrogen Compressor: What You Should Know About Them Before You Buy Them?

The steel- copper joints are fashioned out of steel and copper as is suggested by the name. Sexologist in Delhi They are mainly used for air separation cold boxes which act as a transitional connection in between pipes of different materials like the stainless steel, copper and aluminium. The pipe connections are made to prevent leakage in the cold boxes and thus, they are connected by way of welding and not by flanges. Further, the stainless pipes and copper pipes are transitioned before they are welded to ensure a proper and reliable connection. Make sure that the metal used is of top quality and that the transitional connections are not weakened and connect efficiently and are not at the risk of not doing their function. Do not compromise and settle for cheaper materials. The steel copper joints are essential parts of a machine      that would not function efficiently if the material used to fashion a steel copper joint is not of good quality.

The high-pressure diaphragm compressor for gases like hydrogen performs the function of a reciprocator. They are used to transport and compress hydrogen gas by way of reciprocation of a compressor.

The industries that use the high-pressure diaphragm compressor for gases like hydrogen are as follows:


  1. Food industry
  2. Petrol, natural gas and other chemical related industries
  3. Electronics industry
  4. Nuclear power plants and related uses
  5. Aerospace stations
  6. Manufacture of Military equipment
  7. Medicinal and research, etc.

The high-pressure diaphragm compressor for gases like hydrogen is a unique volumetric compressor out in the market that possesses a lot of very uber cool features. They are as follows:



  1. High degree of compression
  2. Ability to seal
  3. It ensures no pollution of the compressed gas. It has a special oil separating diaphragm that keeps away the lubricating oil and other related impurities away from compressed high-pressure gases to prevent their quality.
  4. Production of high degrees of pure, rare, flammable, toxic, explosive and dangerous to handle compressed gasses.
  5. Further, because of the reciprocating feature by way of the diaphragm which reciprocates oxygen, the need for lubrication is eroded and operating costs are minimal.
  6. The machine is designed in such a way that slip agents do not come in proximity with any slip agent that dilutes the quality of the gas. This helps in producing the extremely pure and good quality compressed gases that are suitable for transportation as well. The purity levels are a high 99.999%, a proof of the uniqueness of the high-pressure hydrogen diaphragm compressor.
  7. Also, as iterated before, given that the nature of the gas is flammable, explosive, dangerous to handle, corrosive, etc. It becomes essential that these gases are made use of by high pressure hydrogen diaphragm compressor only. This is because of its ability to dissipate heat and the compression ratio that facilitates a wide pressure range and regulates the pressure to about 500MPa.



Top 5 Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems

Even if you have the most sophisticated HVAC system installed, it will not cool and heat properly if there’s something wrong with the airflow. This will result in uneven temperatures inside the building and higher utility bills as well.
If your HVAC system is having issues, whether it’s making strange noises or keeps running for longer than it usually does, then your system may have an airflow problem. Obstructions in the airflow can cause unusual sounds and several other symptoms.
Before you can hire a professional for HVAC troubleshooting and repair, let’s take a look at 5 common causes of HVAC airflow problems.

The easiest way to ensure that your HVAC system performs efficiently is by practising basic maintenance regularly. This also involves inspecting and replacing your filters whenever necessary.
Filters essentially keep your HVAC components protected from contaminants and debris. They become dirty overtime and may block your system’s airflow if you don’t get them replaced. Your system, as a result, will use more energy to cool your home and it will only lead to higher bills.

The dust particles that end up getting past the clogged AC filters get accumulated in the ductwork. Ducts in your system that are already too narrow may become clogged as a result and lead to a host of issues.
The walls of the ductwork may also develop cracks or holes and cause air to leak out, which can result in reduced airflow for air conditioning and heating. To improve air flow in ductwork, you need to get your air ducts inspected regularly and get them cleaned thoroughly.

Condenser units are usually located outdoors or inside a mechanical room. Regardless of where it’s located, any items around it such as leaves, pine needles, and shrub can easily get inside them and block airflow. This will cause your AC to overheat and perform inefficiently.
To avoid obstructions in your condenser unit, you need to make sure there’s a lot of open space around it so it can perform optimally.

Having HVAC airflow problems doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with the system itself. These problems can also develop when your thermostat stops functioning properly. Getting your thermostat to the right temperature may not help either if it’s malfunctioning because your HVAC system will not be able to register the adjustment.
You’ll need to seek professional assistance to determine if that’s the case or not. Don’t forget to consult your thermostat’s troubleshooting guide as well if you notice low airflow.

  and that


Alcholism Treatment Options

What is addiction? Addiction is the result of abuse. In addition, abuse is the imbalance of how you live. Too much of anything creates an imbalance.

We are all addicts of some sort, with some addictions being more sociably acceptable than others.

Part of the problem lies within the derogatory attitude people have towards the sociably unacceptable addicts. They are labelled and pushed aside, or shoved into rehab centres.
Whether rehab treatment is successful or not is questionable.
Even though individual rehabs stats show that the success rate is high; this is not accurate at all.

The problem in getting accurate stats lies with the following fact:

o People leave a rehab, have a relapse, and then very seldom go back to the same rehab. They make use of another rehab, leaving the first rehab declaring false statistics, showing close to 100% success rate.

I base all my findings on my personal experience and that of my research of six months at S.A.N.C.A. Florida, South Africa. I do not believe that you can guide people to their own truth if you have not experienced this yourself.

Then there is the false notion that the counsellors, social workers or therapists are doing an excellent job with the rehabilitation program. Most in-patients at rehabs do not have the slightest notion as to why they even started using drugs, alcohol, or both.

So, herein then the answer to what addiction is and where it comes from:

As I have already stated; addiction is only an imbalance of a person’s lifestyle.

I come from an abusive childhood, where my father was drinking too much, by far, and as a result, physically abused my mother, my younger brother, and myself to such an extent that we hid and slept in other peoples’ gardens many a night, for fear that my father would shoot us with my eldest brother’s army rifle.

We always had domestic violence of some degree, for as long as I can remember. To the extend t that we were labelled by the neighbours. Friday nights came and we knew the neighbours would call the police to come to our rescue. My sisters were thrown out of the glass doors many times. The example I received of how a father and husband should behave was not the ideal one, yet the only one. I was not exposed to other families and how other fathers and husbands treated their families, because we were labelled, and kids did not invite us to their homes, out of fear.

As an adult, I lived the example I got from my father and saw nothing wrong with my behaviour at first. I am a good person of soft nature and mean nobody any harm. This is similar to wife beaters. At first, a man will just push his wife, then slap her, then with a closed hand and maybe draw blood, and so it becomes progressively worse.

When we get to the stage when we realise that there is a problem, we blame the drugs or situation not the cause. The escapes become progressively worse and so does the method. This is the reason why so many people go back to rehabilitation centres, repeatedly.

In my experience, the incorrect approach (or rather an incomplete approach) is used to find out why this person repeats the pattern of abuse. They are not guided to find their lost tools they need to find out what it is they truly want. They are to find that spark again. “Show me what makes a man come alive and you will know the man”.

Because “we” society, and the therapists tell them that every day is a struggle and they are recovering addicts, they believe this because we are the experts on the topic. The reasons for abuse need to be addressed before any other therapy can take place. The person needs to find a way to look inside and guided to his/her own truth, as to what the root cause for this abuse is.

When a person abuses a substance he does it to get, the feeling of what he perceives how life ought to be. The substance gives the artificial vibe or feeling that is so desperately desired. The high or space you reached with the substance simulates the natural state of oneness with your creator, universe or god, in a space of nothingness, where we all originate from.

Thus, the continued use becomes (ab-use). This becomes repetitive and labelled ‘habitual personality.’ My observation has shown that highly spiritual beings are more likely to be abusers, such as painters, musicians, poets and actors.

The abusers and addicts are told by us society, that “addiction is hereditary”, and that it is a disease for which there is no outcome. Yes – addiction is hereditary, but it is hereditary through cellular memory, and not in terms of disease. The word disease (dis-ease) translates; ‘discomfort’. It is not a virus that is inhaled and which is not curable as is the popular belief. The person chooses the disease and not the disease the person. Therefore; the person can choose again, and he can choose differently. Society regards addicts as doomed for life to battle this ‘thing.’ Moreover, they give this doomed thing a name, with the name being YOU!

Addicts are convinced they will never recover, never be cured. Look at the word again: con-vinced. I say it is all a con!

Shouldn’t any person be better off after kicking a bad habit? You were just fine before you did all this non-sense. The belief is that an addict will never have a normal life and. This is taken as the truth.

Thank God, beliefs can change! In religion, this happens every day; we marry people from different religious belief groups. In order to do so we adopt another belief to get married.

A person’s brain can be retrained. People with brain injury are proving it. They get progressively better and not worse. This has been proven.

I invite you to come and join me on a one-day workshop where you will have the opportunity to discover why you do what you do, and how to de-cellular learn this behaviour.

Through playing games, music, and meditation, I have come to a self-help tool that lasts. Allow me to show you that you can burn that bridge called ‘addiction and abuse.’ This is cellular learning, and that makes for a workable society that flourishes in potential.



SEO Training Courses: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Today, website owners and web developers are realizing the importance of SEO training courses. The truth is, if you want to drive more traffic to your website, you need to learn how to properly optimize your site. In order to do this, you must be fully equipped with the latest SEO techniques and information that will guide you along the way.

The Importance of SEO

There has been an increasing number of websites you can find online. With this, the competition to get on top of search engines is getting tougher. A lot of website owners are doing their best in order to increase their site’s traffic.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, plays an important role in driving more traffic to a particular website. SEO is considered to be a complex subject but with ample knowledge and skills, anyone can properly optimize a website. To effectively optimize a website, you need to learn the basics of SEO and everything you need to know about it.

Why Take SEO Training Courses?

Latest SEO Information and Techniques – If you want to become knowledgeable about SEO, you can find a lot of resources online for free. However, you cannot fully rely on these resources because they could be outdated ones. With this, taking an SEO course is the best option you can do. You’ll be ensured that with a course on SEO, you’ll only get the latest SEO strategies and information.

Personalized Training – One of the best things about taking a course on SEO is the opportunity of obtaining a personalized training in which you are guided with a step by step learning.

Less Expensive Than Hiring An SEO Company – Today, there are a lot of websites which hire an SEO company to help seoholics  them reach the peak of success. However, opting for this kind of option can be quite expensive. With a good SEO training, you are ensured with a personalized training at an affordable price.

A Deeper Understanding About SEO – When you want to learn more about SEO, you can always do a self-study by doing a research online. However, SEO is full of technical terms which you are not yet familiar about. By taking SEO training courses, you’ll be able to grasp a deeper understanding about what SEO is all about. A course on SEO will definitely guide you along the way.

If you own a website, it is indeed beneficial to take an SEO training course for you to be well-informed of the latest SEO techniques and information. This way, you will be able to know how to effectively optimize your website. Knowing the most effective SEO strategies can be your edge among other website owners. If you are looking for a reliable SEO course, there are a lot of SEO training courses you can find online. With this, you’ll be able to find a reliable SEO training course to answer your needs.




Prescription Drug Safety – 8 Tips to Help Your Family Avoid Medication Errors

More and more people rely upon the daily use of prescription medications. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it is estimated that in the United States alone, almost half of all people are taking at least one prescription medication while 1 in 6 people are taking three or more medications (Source: CDC 2004 Press Release).

There is no question that when used and dispensed properly, prescription drugs do improve health and save lives. However, the unfortunate fact remains that along with the good prescription drugs provide, there is always the risk of a medication error occurring when the drug is dispensed and taken. In fact, medication errors occur all too frequently, sometimes with deadly results.

Medication safety begins with you. Here are some steps you can follow to help your family avoid medication errors:


  1. Always make sure your doctor’s office and your pharmacy know all of the prescription medications, herbal supplements, vitamins and over-the-counter medications your family member is taking and any known allergies they may have. This can help prevent dangerous drug interactions, allergic reactions, or overdoses. Keep a current list of all the medications your family members take and make sure you update it when something changes. This medication list should include information such as the name of medication taken, the strength, form (pill, liquid, etc.), how often taken, and when the medication was started.
  2. Have all your prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy. Pharmacies have computer programs that can check for harmful drug interactions between different medicines being taken at the same time as well as possible allergic reactions. However, in order for this to work, the pharmacy needs to know all medications, vitamins, and supplements you or your family members are taking as well as any known allergies. Having all your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy also allows your medical providers to access all your medication information from one source. This can save valuable time and confusion.
  3. If possible, get your new prescriptions in writing to take to the pharmacy to be filled. Mistakes can happen when prescriptions are called in by phone — remember playing “the telephone game” as a child? One child will whisper to another child who will repeat the same thing to another child and so on until the last child says out loud what he or she heard. Remember how the end story never matched the beginning one? Unfortunately, this can happen with prescriptions too. Written prescriptions eliminate errors due to communication problems over the telephone.
  4. Make sure you know from your doctor’s office the following information about the drug being given: name, strength, directions for taking/using it, number/amount given, and why the drug is being given. You may need your doctor or someone from his/her office to write this information down for you on a separate sheet of paper. (Never write on, or alter, a prescription you are given from your doctor.) Knowing this information can help you double check that you did receive the right medication from your pharmacy. This step acts as a double check that your written prescription was filled as your doctor intended. It is especially important to understand as much information about a new medication before you leave your doctor’s office. Additional prescription medication information can also be found in reference books available at your local library or bookstore (pill books, PDR), or at on-line sites like
  5. If you are simply refilling a prescription, be sure the refilled drug matches the drug your family member has been taking. If they do not match exactly, then you need find out why. If you are used to receiving little orange tablets and instead you have been given larger white tablets, you need to find out what is going on. You may have been given a different company’s drug or you may have been given the wrong drug. Do not have your family member take any questionable refill medications until you can check with your pharmacist to make sure you have the right medication. If the medication is different, check with your doctor to see if your family member is supposed to take a different medication.
  6. If you are filling a prescription for a child, an elderly person or someone who is extremely overweight or underweight, make sure the doctor and pharmacist know the age and weight of the patient. Medication amounts are often based upon the weight of the patient especially for children. Also, some medications are not given to children until they reach certain ages. Similarly, some medications should be avoided for senior citizens.
  7. Have your family member take all medications as instructed (right number of doses, avoid certain foods, etc.) and keep a list of any problems they experience while on a medication. Problems should be shared with your doctor’s office. They can help you decide how serious the problem is and if adjustments to your medication are needed.



Life Insurance – Learn From an Old Agent

Life Insurance is an insurance product that pays at the death of the insured. It really should be called “Death Insurance,” but people don’t like that name. But it insures the death of an individual. Actually, what is insured is the economic loss that would occur at the death of the person insured.

Those economic losses take a lot of different forms, such as:

– the income stream of either “breadwinner” in a family
– the loss of services to the family of a stay-at-home-mom
– the final expenses at the death of a child
– final expenses of an individual after an illness and medical treatment
– “Keyman” coverage, which insures the owner or valuable employee of a business against the economic loss the business would suffer at their death
– estate planning insurance, where a person is insured to pay estate taxes at death
– “Buy and Sell Agreements,” in which life insurance is purchased to fund a business transaction at the untimely death of parties in the transaction
– Accidental death insurance, in which a person buys a policy that pays in case they die due to an accident
– Mortgage life insurance, in which the borrower buys a policy that pays off the mortgage at death – and many more.

Life insurance has been around for hundreds of years, and in some cases, has become a much better product. The insurance companies have been able to develop mortality tables, which are studies of statistical patterns of human death over time…usually over a lifetime of 100 years. These mortality tables are surprisingly accurate, and allow the insurance companies to closely predict how many people of any given age will die each year. From these tables and other information, the insurance companies derive the cost of the insurance policy.

The cost is customarily expressed in an annual cost per thousand of coverage. For example, if you wanted to buy $10,000 of coverage, and the cost per thousand was $10.00, your annual premium would be $100.00.

Modern medicine and better nutrition has increased the life expectancy of most people. Increased life expectancy has facilitated a sharp decrease in life insurance premiums. In many cases, the cost of insurance is only pennies per thousand.

There is really only one type of life insurance, and that is Term Insurance. That means that a person is insured for a certain period of time, or a term. All of the other life insurance products have term insurance as their main ingredient. There is no other ingredient they can use. However, the insurance companies have invented many, many other life products that tend to obscure the reasons for life insurance. They also vastly enrich the insurance companies.

Term Insurance

The most basic life insurance is an annual renewable term policy. Each year, the premium is a little higher as a person ages. The insurance companies designed a level premium policy, which stopped the annual premium increases for policyholders. The insurers basically added up all the premiums from age 0 to age 100 and then divided by 100. That means that in the early years of the policy, the policyholder pays in more money that it takes to fund the pure insurance cost, and then in later years the premium is less than the pure insurance cost.

The same level term product can be designed for terms of any length, like 5, 10, 20, 25 or 30 year terms. The method of premium averaging is much the same in each case.

But this new product caused some problems. Insurers know that the vast majority of policyholders do not keep a policy for life. Consequently the level term policyholders were paying future premiums and then cancelling their policies. The insurance companies were delighted because they got to keep the money. But over time, they developed the concept of Cash Value.

Cash Value Insurance

With Cash Value insurance, a portion of the unused premium you spend is credited to an account tied to your policy. The money is not yours…it belongs entirely to the insurance company. If you cancel your policy and request a refund, they will refund that money to you. Otherwise, you have other choices:

1. Use the cash value to buy more insurance
2. Use the cash value to pay existing premiums
3. You may borrow the money at interest
4. If you die, the insurance company keeps the cash value and only pays the face amount of the insurance policy



Top 5 Benefits of Using WordPress For Your Website

If you have never built a website before, one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your first domain live and operational in only minutes is to install WordPress on your website.

WordPress is a blogging platform that allows you to have a pre-built website for free that will allow you to focus on the more important items like content, and if you desire it, sales and profits.

WordPress Benefits

In more than a decade online, I have literally built dozens of websites, many from the ground up… But since I discovered the ease of use and powerful flexibility of the WordPress platform, I am building most of my newest websites under this Content Management System (CMS).

The reasons I prefer the WordPress blogging platform are many, but I will sum it up with the following five key benefits:

1. Quick and Easy Installation – If you have a web hosting company that runs cPanelX as your webmasters’ control panel (many of the more popular web hosting companies do), then you will find an option in your control panel called, “Fantastico De Luxe”. When you click on the Fantastico icon, you will be taken to a page where you can add a multitude of free applications to your website, by following some simple instructions. Just click on the WordPress link to install WordPress on your website. The software will ask you some basic general information, then do the full install of one of the most recent WordPress builds into your website.