How to Make Money From Blogs

Blogging for profit is one of the most compelling reasons to operate a blog, and if you know how to make money from blogs, then it can be a very good source of income. Most bloggers monetize their blogs with Google AdSense: allowing Google to place adverts on their blog in return for a small payment every time somebody clicks on an advert.

Do you know the drawback to that? What happens when a visitor to YOUR blog clicks on ANOTHER’s advert? Yes, you got it – they leave your blog and end up on the other person’s website. Google do not allow their adverts to be opened in a new window, so your visitors have gone. Before we look at how to overcome that problem let’s have a look at blogs, and what benefits they offer you and your visitors.

What is that most people use the internet for? No, it’s not to play games or listen to music; it’s actually to find information. The vast majority of internet users are seeking information: sports results, latest news, how clocks work, how to train dogs, cheapest prices for what they want to buy, how to run their own blogs and websites, how to make money from blogs and websites: all information.

Blogs are ideal for that. Blogs not only provide content, but they also provide fresh content. They are constantly being updated with new content, unlike regular websites that tend to remain unchanged for lengthy periods of time. That is why search engines love blogs, and tend to list them higher than web pages. However, the main benefit of a blog to you is not how the search engines view it, but how your visitors see it. They love blogs because:

1. Readers feel catered for rather than just being regarded as potential customers.

2. They have a more ‘human’ feel to them than regular websites.

3. They can contribute by making comments

4. If they want to keep up with your blog they can subscribe using an RSS feed: make sure you provide them with one on your blog. If you don’t know how, your blog host will help you out. It is very easy. Your readers can also easily unsubscribe, which makes them feel less ‘put upon’ or committed.

Blogs tend to attract more regular visitors than websites. The vast majority of visitors to websites leave and never return, but blog visitors can return time and time again. There is a downside to that though: blog readers have less of an inclination to register with opt-in forms, likely because they know they are going to be visiting the blog in any case, so why fill in a form for information? You just have to make your promotions using your blog, and if you can get it right, then you will find that blogging for profit is easy. It is actually easier to learn how to make money from blogs than from a website.

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