A Bigger Trend – The Tiny House

“Revolution” is a strong and powerful word. It certainly is more powerful than the word “trend.” Not so long ago the word “downsizing” was used to describe an extended period of extreme job loss that changed the lives of many and dashed the dreams of home ownership for others. From 2008 to 2010 there was an increased awareness of American consumer habits as a result of the downturn in the economic climate that identified habits to live life LARGE including indulgence in super sized beverages, servings of French fries and even more importantly building “McMansions” that were far from modest homes. A large percentage of those homes with extreme amenities are now assets or liabilities of bank portfolios.

Historically, periods of economic hardship have resulted in success stories for large and small corporations alike. Companies that offer tiny houses may be the next great success stories on the “timeline” of our country. Without a doubt, this concept offers great spaces in great places. These homes are a creative and innovative alternative to traditional home ownership amidst a changed economic climate and a distressed housing market. Tiny houses offer alternatives to paying high rent and are portable which alleviates the red tape of building codes and permits.

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