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When our son was choosing his college, he really had only one college he was interested in attending. It was Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT); a very prominent and well respected technical college. We were very pleased that he had chosen a school that is held in such high regard; however, the tuition costs are quite high. R.I.T. charges about $40,000 per year. Not pay for essay reddi  only were we excited for him, we were also scared. We wondered how he was ever going to pay for student loans that would be over $100,000 for a bachelor’s degree.

We made it our mission to figure out ways to reduce his tuition costs. The steps we took were all common sense, but many people simply don’t take the time or don’t even think about some of the ideas we came up with when doing research. Too many times a parent will tell their child they are responsible for the entire cost of tuition. In many cases the parents do not have a choice. However, even if the parents don’t make a lot of money, there are things they can do to help their child reduce their tuition costs. The steps listed below are the steps we took to help our son.

Even though our son had picked the school he knew he wanted to go to, we didn’t let the school know that. If your child has chosen a particular college and they really want to go to that college, do not let the college know they are your only choice. If you let them know they are the only college you lose all negotiating power. Colleges do have many scholarships available, and yes, those scholarships are negotiable. Do not tip your hat and let them know this is the only college you’re interested in.
Schools know what other schools you applied to. They know what the schools acceptance rules are and areas of study. Even if you are only interested in one or two colleges, apply to others. My recommendation is a minimum of 3. Use this in your negotiations. Basically play one school against the other. Tell them your child’s interested in the other school. In fact, name the school. They know anyways – so put it right out front. This might not work for all schools because of the number of applicants, but it’s not something you should ignore.
Don’t believe the financial package that they send you is non-negotiable. Once you have read the package and understand it entirely, contact the college and tell them your son/daughter is really interested in attending their school, but the package was not as good as anticipated. Then ask if there are any other scholarships/funding that your child might be eligible for. They keep funds available for these type situations. You sometime have to be like a pit bull. Grab on and don’t let go!
If your child is a really good student with good grades and SAT/ACT scores, use that in your negotiations. Colleges want the best students, because they generally do very well at school. This improves their school measurements that all students and parents look at to review various colleges which drives more students to their school. It also can result in more grants made available to the school.
Search the internet. There are scholarships all over the internet and many simply require a 500 word essay. Pick several to apply for and do your homework. Write an essay that is meaningful and knowledgeable on the subject at hand. Many are on life’s lessons or feelings. If these are the types of scholarships you’re looking at, dig deep and make the reader feel your story. Stress to your child that they should take the time and do the research to write a top quality piece. Never underestimate the power of the internet to help you find scholarship opportunities.
Look for scholarships at work. Many people do not realize there are scholarships available at their place of employment. If you’re not eligible the first year, don’t give up. Look every year to see if the requirements change, your status changes or the company has made more money available.
Every year at financial aid time, contact the school and ask if there are any new scholarships available, or new funding that your child is eligible for. Many times new funding is available and if you don’t ask, they don’t offer it. They will not call you up and tell you new money is available. You’ve got to take the bull by the horns and stay in constant contact with them.
We followed these steps with both our son and daughter and by doing so we managed to get them an additional $19,500 a year in scholarships. That’s a nice reduction in tuition costs of nearly $80,000 over four years. It’s very important that you as a parent help your child as much as possible. We realized very quickly that young adults at the age of 18 simply do not have the skills necessary to accomplish these types of tasks. Every little bit helps them be less burdened with student loans when they graduate.

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