Helping the Elderly With Mobility Devices

For any old people, the availability of a mobility device to aid them in their daily activities will definitely be a welcome addition. Most senior citizens are plagued with different physical conditions that come with old age. The most common one has to the arthritis and rheumatism which will cause them to feel pain their joints or muscles when they are walking.

To help alleviate some of these problems faced by them, many manufacturers in the disabled healthcare produce mobility devices for the elderly. You can choose from a wide range of equipments ranging from basic electric wheelchairs to mobility scooters. The electric wheelchair has to be one of the traditionally popular mobility aids for the old people. It is reliable and also offers good user experience. This is also suitable for senior citizens with more severe physical conditions such as disability of the legs. There is a joystick control which can be placed at either armrest according to the preference of the user.

After the electric wheelchair, mobility scooters have also been well received since it was introduced less than five years ago. The mobility scooter also offers similar movement aid for the user, however, it does so in a much hippy and fashionable manner. Users of mobility scooters actually ride it like a motorbike instead of sitting and controlling like electric wheelchairs. It gives a better and healthier image than one person sitting on electric wheelchairs. Therefore, most elderly people who have minor problems with some upper body strength will choose the mobility scooter over the wheelchair.

In terms of performance, both mobility aids are similar and they come in either 2mph or 4mph models. Both motors are strong enough to carry the users up ramps when there are no handicap lifts at the entrance to buildings. Mobility scooters are slightly cheaper than electric wheelchair which is also the reason why most old people choose it. It is also a suitable gift for the senior family member in your home.

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