The Top 5 Ways to Make Money With Info Products

Info Products are hot. Studies show the info products are now a 11.9 BILLION dollar industry (and growing at a rate of 7.9% every year!) If you’re not packaging the knowledge in your head into info products, then you’re leaving piles of money on the table. There are five top ways to make money with info products (some may surprise you.)

1. Credibility

Picture what happens to you when people see your name and photo on the cover of your very own product. Your credibility skyrockets! (Not to mention your own confidence soars to the sky.)

Even if the product is a free give-away, you can still make money. Here’s how: people are more likely to hire YOU over any of your competitors because you’ve proven to be the expert in your field. Your info product puts you in a whole other league than the rest in your field. People will come to you and pay more for your services because you’re published.

2. List Building

This is a long term strategy to make money with info products. The idea is to offer a free and enticing product like a Special Report or audio CD on your website in exchange for the visitor’s name and email. With their contact info you have a potential goldmine at your finger tips. Because, over time, that one visitor could buy multiple programs and services you offer.

Wealthy entrepreneurs always think of the long term value of their leads. Don’t think of getting a customer to make a one-time sale. Think instead of making a sale for the long-term value of a new customer. That’s why giving away a simple product for free makes sense long term.

3. Sell Online

If you offer a product people want badly – you’re set to do very well financially. At this very moment, there is a member of your target audience looking online to find solutions to their problems – solutions that YOU have. And if you packaged your knowledge into an info product and sell it online, chances are they will find you.

You can create your info product once and get paid for it over and over again. The trick to success online with info products is offering a specific solution for a specific problem to a specific audience.

4. Sell Your Info Product To Your List

This is the best way to make money with products because your own list will likely buy from you again and again. It’s easier to sell to an existing client than trying to sell to a total stranger.

There are two keys to success when selling to your own list. The first is growing that list! The larger the list, the more sales you’ll make – simple math. The second is growing your relationship with your list. A small list of people who know, like and trust you is far more valuable than a large list of people who don’t know you at all.

5. Speaking

When you speak people instantly feel connected to you. If you delivered a powerful talk that makes your audience hungry for more, you’re likely to sell a ton at the back of the room after your talk.

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