The Importance of Logo Designs in Brand Identity

Remember Nike’s swoosh? One look at that ‘tick mark’ style logo gets the entire sports product line to flash through your mind, doesn’t it? Or the golden double arches of the McDonalds logo? Even a fleeting view of that gigantic ‘M’ from a distance brings the promise of yummy cheeseburgers and fries to your mind! THIS is the power of a logo. A simple shape – nothing much – is able to achieve so much. This is how a logo can influence brand identity. If you are running a business and have strong ambitions for the future, perhaps the time has come to invest efforts and money in creating the right logo to show your face to the world. Here are a few reasons why you need one. (This article borrows reference of Nike for better understanding.)


Just like Nike’s swoosh, your logo will, one day, become everything a consumer needs to identify your brand, its business, its people, its products, and the like. This is why you need it to be perfect (not necessarily minimalistic). Logos immediately make or break consumer confidence. Establishing your identity as a provider of top quality products/services will require a carefully crafted logo that speaks volumes about your brand.


Familiarity of a brand tends to draw-in the consumers, and prevents them from having second thoughts. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the products you sell, but until then, the logo is in charge. Among a hoard of unfamiliar brands, the Nike swoosh is guaranteed to out, and the consumer will pick it up, no questions asked. It only goes to show how important brand familiarity is, which can be ultimately achieved through creating an effective logo.


Effective marketing sorts things out to a very large extent and the logo plays a very important role. Taking Nike’s example yet again, you will notice the logo standing out everywhere in marketing strategies – so much so that even the name of the brand is placed away from the line of vision. All focus is on the logo. This is what actually helps to create a brand identity. Let people know that your logo is YOU, and do it creatively.


With the market flooded with counterfeit products and cheap fakes, your brand’s logo will serve as an instant recognition factor. Consider the Nike swoosh example again – the design is actually imprinted on all our minds! And since most of us remember its every curve and line, we can quite easily spot when something about it is not right. Through extensive promotions, you too can ensure your logo becomes instantly recognizable to your customers, giving them a promise of authenticity in a sea of fakes.

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