Why We Choose Our Parents

There is a concept in Jewish mystical thought known as
gilgul, which can be translated as reincarnation.
Gilgul does not necessarily mean that a soul in its
entirety has been reincarnated; it may only be a
nitzotz, or spark of a soul, that is reincarnated.
That is to say that an individual can possess a
nitzotz from the soul of someone who has lived
previously. Gilgul occurs when the preceding
incarnation of that soul has more to accomplish.

Rabbi Menashe Ben Israel of the 17th century writes
that the word, gilgul, in Hebrew letters equals the
numerical value of 72, which is also chesed, the
Hebrew word for kindness. When this type of numerical
connection occurs,it implies a conceptual
relationship. In this case, reincarnation is seen as
the ultimate kindness, in that a soul is given another
chance for the refinement of its past and the
spiritual advancement of its future.

Ultimately, a soul can never fail. To succeed, the
soul will come back as many times as necessary to
fulfill its spiritual mission. This is the view of the
Kabbalists, who call the process of the soul’s
returning for the purpose of rectification tikkun, or
repair. Sometimes it is discussed as the birur
hisaron, or the clearing of a shortcoming.

If greatness is your soul’s destiny, then to achieve
it, it’s only logical that you have a plan. Just as
you would not head off to college without knowing
about the school you’ll be attending, souls do not
randomly incarnate into this world. Rather, souls
arrive with a very specific curriculum containing both
goals and challenges. Your parents are a big part of
that program.


A Bigger Trend – The Tiny House

“Revolution” is a strong and powerful word. It certainly is more powerful than the word “trend.” Not so long ago the word “downsizing” was used to describe an extended period of extreme job loss that changed the lives of many and dashed the dreams of home ownership for others. From 2008 to 2010 there was an increased awareness of American consumer habits as a result of the downturn in the economic climate that identified habits to live life LARGE including indulgence in super sized beverages, servings of French fries and even more importantly building “McMansions” that were far from modest homes. A large percentage of those homes with extreme amenities are now assets or liabilities of bank portfolios.

Historically, periods of economic hardship have resulted in success stories for large and small corporations alike. Companies that offer tiny houses may be the next great success stories on the “timeline” of our country. Without a doubt, this concept offers great spaces in great places. These homes are a creative and innovative alternative to traditional home ownership amidst a changed economic climate and a distressed housing market. Tiny houses offer alternatives to paying high rent and are portable which alleviates the red tape of building codes and permits.


Get Rid of Tiny House Ants

Because I run a website on pests, many people ask me, “How do I get rid of tiny house ants?” Getting rid of tiny house ants isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

Odorous House Ants (Tapinoma sessile) can be brown or black. Like all insects, they have six legs and also have a segmented oval body. They are typically 1/16 to 1/8 inch long. They have antennae. They swarm in early summer.

You know you’re dealing with them if, when crushed, you smell a faint coconut odor.

Odorous House Ants have extremely large colonies, in some cases having more than 100,000 members and hundreds of breeding Queens.

They like to live in shallow surfaces and can often be found in mulch, debris, and rotting logs. They also can nest indoors preferring the cold dark spaces of walls, hot water pipes, and carpets. This makes getting rid of tiny house ants a problem.

While they don’t bite or sting, they are a nuisance. They can also cause some minor house damage.

To get rid of tiny house ants, first remove all potential food sources. You should wipe up spills, keep counter tops clean, and store all food (especially sweets) in sealed containers.

Then, spray the ants that are visible to you with a mixture of water and peppermint essential oil. To keep the ants away, sprinkle coffee grounds around the kitchen.

Ultimately, you’ll want to attack the nest though if you want to get rid the ants once and for all.

When you find a nest, use this mixture to destroy it. Mix 5 tspb. Of cornmeal with 3 tspb of bacon grease. Add 3 tspb. of baking powder and 3 packages of yeast. Then, put it on something like a canning jar lid and place the lid near the nest.


Home Business Work At Home Ways To Make Extra Money With Web Writing reddit Jobs

If you are looking for home business work at home ways to make extra money, web writing is an excellent option if you like writing. Question will be who will pay you to write. Fortunately, there is no shortage of job opportunities for a web writer. It depends on the extent of research you want to do and where you look.

There are different categories of web writing. The amount you can get paid depends on whether you want to get credit for what you have written. essay writing service reddit It may be difficult to find many jobs if you insist on a byline. There are byline jobs if you look. However, it is web ghostwriters that make the most money.

There are companies and individuals who constantly need content for their websites to attract readers to their site. There are many people who do not like writing, which leaves open a great opportunity for people who are looking for home business work at home ways to make extra money.

As a freelance ghostwriter, you will provide the writing services for clients who will use your writing as their own. Ghostwriting is one of the home business work at home ways to make extra money that can be very lucrative especially if your focus is on web writing.

For you to start web writing, all that you need is an internet connection, email address and a word processing program. Having your own website will add a touch of professionalism, but it is not necessary. You can get plenty of work without a website as long as you can provide good original content.

Clients will have different requirements. There are clients who will request for content for their current or new websites. You need to write in an engaging and clear style for those who visit the website. There are article writers who concentrate on providing articles for newsletters, blogs, ezines and article submission to directories as well as website content. Typical articles for the web are between 400 to 800 words each. If articles are any longer than that, the readers may just drift away. Shorter than 400 may not have sufficient content.

The other category of writing which needs quite a different skill besides writing is copywriting. Copywriters write copy for internet sales letters and marketing sites. This can be very lucrative if your sales page can convert into a lot of sales. The better the conversion, the more you can demand for your services.

eBook ghostwriting is another of the home business work at home ways to make extra money. In this case, ghostwriters provide full-length books on topics that are requested for by their clients.

When writing as a way of home business work at home ways to make extra money, it is important to be professional. Make sure that all your writing is spell-checked. Have an email address that is professional and used specifically only for your writing business. Your first and last name or a combination will make a good choice as your web writing business email address.

It is a little different when you write for the internet, as compared to when you wrote essays in school or writing for a print magazine. Attention span of online readers is short. You need to keep your sentences short and paragraphs clear.



The College Admissions Essay reddit : Common App Essay Topic Number 2

You are faced with the following college essay prompt: “Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.” This article show you how to approach this prompt and draft a stand-out admissions essay.

This prompt can be a bit of a trap for the unwary. It seems to invite the applicant to write about any of the hot topic issues of our time – war, environmental degradation, immigration, etc. But remember that the purpose of the admissions essay is not dependent on the essay prompt. That purpose is: convey a personal message to the admissions committee. best essay writing service reddit Therefore choose a topic that is personal to you in the sense that it has impacted your life directly. You can always connect your chosen topic to a larger “issue” for purposes of addressing the essay prompt.

Imagine that you are an admissions officer tasked with reading several thousand admissions essays. Now take a look at the following opening paragraphs. Which one is more compelling?

  1. As the US continues to deal with the ramifications of 9/11, immigration policy has become an increasingly important issue. For states like California, it is particularly important because policy changes can have dramatic effects on their economy, employment rates, and culture. Although a liberal immigration policy can have potentially negative effects, it is important to keep in mind that the US benefits from the influx of new blood from beyond its borders.
  2. Immigration policy is an issue that is important to me personally. In 2003 my family and I left our home in Colombia to move to the United States. I remember my mother telling my brother and I to say goodbye to the home we grew up in. I knew that we were moving away for a better life, but I could feel emotion welling up in me as I looked at our home for the last time. I would never have dreamed that seven years later I would be graduating from an American high school and applying to college to study molecular biology.


See the difference? The first paragraph is generic and conveys very little about the author, while the second paragraph tells the reader about one of the most important events in the author’s life (and sets up the structure for the rest of the essay).

Don’t worry if you haven’t moved here from South America. You don’t have to have had that sort of experience to write a great college essay. Just keep in mind that your job is to convey something personal and write from the heart.



College Tuition – Pay Less reddit

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When our son was choosing his college, he really had only one college he was interested in attending. It was Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT); a very prominent and well respected technical college. We were very pleased that he had chosen a school that is held in such high regard; however, the tuition costs are quite high. R.I.T. charges about $40,000 per year. Not pay for essay reddi  only were we excited for him, we were also scared. We wondered how he was ever going to pay for student loans that would be over $100,000 for a bachelor’s degree.

We made it our mission to figure out ways to reduce his tuition costs. The steps we took were all common sense, but many people simply don’t take the time or don’t even think about some of the ideas we came up with when doing research. Too many times a parent will tell their child they are responsible for the entire cost of tuition. In many cases the parents do not have a choice. However, even if the parents don’t make a lot of money, there are things they can do to help their child reduce their tuition costs. The steps listed below are the steps we took to help our son.

Even though our son had picked the school he knew he wanted to go to, we didn’t let the school know that. If your child has chosen a particular college and they really want to go to that college, do not let the college know they are your only choice. If you let them know they are the only college you lose all negotiating power. Colleges do have many scholarships available, and yes, those scholarships are negotiable. Do not tip your hat and let them know this is the only college you’re interested in.
Schools know what other schools you applied to. They know what the schools acceptance rules are and areas of study. Even if you are only interested in one or two colleges, apply to others. My recommendation is a minimum of 3. Use this in your negotiations. Basically play one school against the other. Tell them your child’s interested in the other school. In fact, name the school. They know anyways – so put it right out front. This might not work for all schools because of the number of applicants, but it’s not something you should ignore.
Don’t believe the financial package that they send you is non-negotiable. Once you have read the package and understand it entirely, contact the college and tell them your son/daughter is really interested in attending their school, but the package was not as good as anticipated. Then ask if there are any other scholarships/funding that your child might be eligible for. They keep funds available for these type situations. You sometime have to be like a pit bull. Grab on and don’t let go!
If your child is a really good student with good grades and SAT/ACT scores, use that in your negotiations. Colleges want the best students, because they generally do very well at school. This improves their school measurements that all students and parents look at to review various colleges which drives more students to their school. It also can result in more grants made available to the school.
Search the internet. There are scholarships all over the internet and many simply require a 500 word essay. Pick several to apply for and do your homework. Write an essay that is meaningful and knowledgeable on the subject at hand. Many are on life’s lessons or feelings. If these are the types of scholarships you’re looking at, dig deep and make the reader feel your story. Stress to your child that they should take the time and do the research to write a top quality piece. Never underestimate the power of the internet to help you find scholarship opportunities.
Look for scholarships at work. Many people do not realize there are scholarships available at their place of employment. If you’re not eligible the first year, don’t give up. Look every year to see if the requirements change, your status changes or the company has made more money available.
Every year at financial aid time, contact the school and ask if there are any new scholarships available, or new funding that your child is eligible for. Many times new funding is available and if you don’t ask, they don’t offer it. They will not call you up and tell you new money is available. You’ve got to take the bull by the horns and stay in constant contact with them.
We followed these steps with both our son and daughter and by doing so we managed to get them an additional $19,500 a year in scholarships. That’s a nice reduction in tuition costs of nearly $80,000 over four years. It’s very important that you as a parent help your child as much as possible. We realized very quickly that young adults at the age of 18 simply do not have the skills necessary to accomplish these types of tasks. Every little bit helps them be less burdened with student loans when they graduate.

Bill has worked as a support engineer in the AIDC industry for more than 10 years. He is an avid reader, blogger and self-taught guitar player. His blog at reviews, compiles other reviews and recommends the best gifts for everyone on your shopping list. You can also visit [] for more information on barcodes and barcode scanners.


long gone are the times even as quantity reddit

1. essential Evil

long gone are the times even as quantity-crunching by myself might also need to get you through accounting exams. Examiners expect to appearance proof of properly written communication abilities,reflecting the converting position of finance specialists in corporation. how you present an issue (why you deal with transactions in a tremendous way, or the specialists and cons of opportunity publications of movement) calls so one can illustrate readability of concept, a rational technique, and an monetary however powerful way with phrases.This you may have a look at.

best paper writing service reddit

2. foxy Plan

You do no longer have time in your facet-so caricature out the primary elements you propose to cowl whilst setting together a loose essay structure, ensuring you cowl the whole lot the examiner has requested for before you start writing. down load as a terrific deal as you can out of your thoughts on for your paper, then organize best the applicable factors right into a logical order-in order that the marker would now not should soar to and fro to exercising what you recommend. exercise doing all this-speedy-with past papers and underneath full exam situations.

three. Perpetual editor

As you write, preserve a be careful for where you could tighten your sentences, use better vocabulary, or carry your message greater correctly. don’t ramble to present the affect of getting covered the question very well-padding is more visible than you observed; rather, prune ruthlessly. put yourself inside the marker’s shoes: does what you are writing simply solution the query or have you ever long gone off at a tangent? nobody ratings marks for off-the-wall wondering persist with the examiner’s time desk.


mainly beneficial in case you are quoting immediately from a selected reddit judgement

In view of the problems that many college college students all too often revel in on this area, on this quick article I appearance to now take you through the intricacies of referencing case regulation in all topics with a prison element to their check in the united kingdom specifically. consequently, this can show especially useful for the ones analyzing English regulation or any scenario areas with an English law detail whilst writing your work.

paper writing service reddit

With this in mind, at the same time as searching for to quote case regulation in your paintings it is essential to keep in mind the conventional shape of referencing case law for essay writing in criminal subjects that looks to provide –

(a) name of Case

This want to be published in italics or underlined (do now not spotlight or use one-of-a-kind coloured ink)

(b) year

This need to be in square brackets [1992] or round brackets (1957). most people of modem law reviews use rectangular brackets indicating the year is an fundamental part of the reference, however a few collection moreover undertake a machine of volume numbering that runs consecutively through the gathering wherein case the 12 months is in round brackets and honestly indicates the date the judgement come to be given.

(c) quantity wide variety

Many critiques have several volumes every year numerically. As a end result, the twelve months may be in [square brackets] and can be an important part of the reference, even as those case regulation series that are numbered consecutively from the start could have the 12 months in (spherical brackets).

(d) Abbreviation for the series

This shows the gathering wherein the law report is posted – the All England reviews (All ER) may be very famous. on your in addition information a entire list of abbreviations may be located in Raistrick. D. S (2007) ‘Index to felony Citations and Abbreviations’ 2d version, London, Bowker-Saur or inside the month-to-month factors and yearbook of ‘contemporary law’.

(e) page number or Case wide variety

The internet page amount is the quantity in the volume of the document wherein you will discover the case.

in view that 2001 a few collection have began out the use of precise numbers of every case within every year. therefore, as an example, ‘[2005] 2 Cr. App. R. 4’ refers to the fourth case of extent 2 of crook enchantment reports 2005.

at the equal time, however, current reports additionally extensive variety each paragraph, just so an appropriate component inside the case may be mentioned. As a stop end result, that is mainly beneficial in case you are quoting immediately from a selected judgement. at the equal time, however, it is to be desired that, inside the past, particular passages can be identified via connection with the letter to be found inside the margin.

(f) [optional] courtroom

in this foundation, it is generally critical to realize which court made the choice and it’s far right exercising to broaden the habit of collectively with an illustration of the court docket docket at the stop of the reference – as an instance, house of Lords (HL) and court docket of enchantment (CA).

Examples – There are typically too types of case regulation alternatives to be stated –

(i) For civil case law alternatives in a case like ‘Johnson v Phillips [1975] 3 All ER 682’, through way of instance, it is usually the claimant (plaintiff) v defendant. As a result, the ‘v’ stands for ‘in preference to’ or ‘in opposition to’, at the same time as the case is generally cited in direct speech in a court scenario, as an example, as ‘Johnson & Phillips’.

(ii) For criminal case law selections in a case like ‘R v Lynch (1966) 50 Cr. App. R. 59’, by manner of illustration, it’s also the Crown v the defendant. moreover, in addition to the ‘v’ status for ‘versus’ or ‘in opposition to’, ‘R’ stands for ‘Rex’ (‘the King’) or ‘Regina’ (‘the Queen’). this case might then typically be cited in direct speech in a court situation, for instance, because the ‘Crown in competition to Lynch’ or definitely ‘Lynch’.


Term Paper Writing For College/University reddit

Any school, college or university student who is in the process of obtaining a graduate degree will have to submit a term paper, often referred to as a research paper, thesis or dissertation, to the department and the college, for evaluation. Proofreading is very important. Dissertations play an important role in determining an individual’s completion and final outcome of their degree. They are accounted along with the individual’s final grades. If you are panicking about writing your dissertation, then here are a few tips and study skills to help you go about writing the dissertation and excel in it with flourishing results.

This 8-point simple and univocal reddit essay writing service approach eases the work of the researcher.

1. The student should pick out an interesting topic that is included in the syllabus.

2. After choosing the topic, this topic should then be analysed for all material available about it in books, articles or on the Internet. For example, if a Psychology student prefers to study ‘Emotional maturity of youth’ then the individual will have to look through information surrounding emotions, maturity, effects of immaturity, and effects of being matured.

3. After analysing and understanding the topic, research sources like the literature review mean studies done previously on the same topic should be identified.

4. Process of organisation as to which of the old researches should be used and which unreliable resources should not be used can be done.

5. After collecting and organising the information, the researcher should read through this information and must start with the editing. Editing will take place in the notations like changing of speech, grammatical mistakes, proper alignment and a continuity check.

6. The researcher should then be able to prepare the outline of the research paper he or she is in the process of completing. By preparing the outline, references can be easily identified.

7. After preparing for the outline of the research paper, the individual should compose or construct the outline and go about it despite the presence of errors, which are natural for anyone.

8. When all of the above said steps are accomplished, the person is ready to edit the rough draft that has errors, and will then be in a position to submit the final draft to the supervisor on time.

By abiding and obliging to the above-mentioned steps, the individual will never have regrets later for having low grades in the final semester.


Custom Reddit Essay Writing – Should You Buy Essays Online?

custom essay writing offerings are rampant on the net nowadays. every time I flip round, it looks as if there’s a brand new internet site selling essays to unsuspecting university students round the arena. these businesses are unethical and doing their customers a first-rate disservice.

best essay writing service reddit

keep reading to discover why you should in no manner pay cash for an essay online.

in which do essay writing offerings get their essays? despite the fact that a number of those businesses would love you to trust that they may be developing essays with a licensed group of writers, most of those so-called essay writing offerings without a doubt outsource their writing to India and different international locations. think of it: someone in New Delhi is getting paid a few bucks an hour to install writing your university paper.

Why is it so horrific to shop for an essay that become produced in a foreign country? except the plain waste of an possibility to develop intellectually and the obvious waste of your university lessons, an essay written via a foreigner is without a doubt not going to mirror the expectations of a university writing magnificence within the u.s..

Many custom essay writing offerings can even provide you with a finished record this is recycled from previously composed work for extraordinary customers. some of those essays even get reproduced on line and become easy in your teacher to entice and dismiss as smooth plagiarism.

As a college writing instructor myself, I even have positioned it very smooth to discover essays that students each purchase on-line or pay a person else to write down. It isn’t difficult and frequently very apparent while it happens. I need to result in you to assume twice (even three times) about making this error subsequent time you consider skipping an task and locating an essay for sale at the net. no longer fine will you be throwing away your university training, you are additionally very likely to get stuck!