Personal ‘Obstacles’ – Just Stepping Stones to Your Success

To most people, “Making a Million” or more is an impossible target, so most never try. How about then, a scenario where one happily married couple, after 30 years in successful Corporate positions, with a string of children and grandchildren, decided to ‘give it a go’, built up a portfolio of nearly SIX MILLION DOLLARS – then lose the lot due to becoming ensnared in one of the biggest property ‘rackets’ in the United Kingdom.

How would that have affected you – your whole life; your relationships, your family, or most importantly – your inner spirit?

To most people, the catastrophic size of this failure would have driven them to bankruptcy, divorce, or even contemplating suicide- especially when the reasons were nothing to do with the then current credit crunch, but because of the crooked behaviour of one or more individuals.

This is a true-life story of what happened to a couple who worked hard and successful in their ‘Day Jobs’ for over 30 years, and still took the time out to go for their financial life changing goals – achieved them – lost the lot – but with an unbelievably strong inner strength, fought their way back, and are on the UP again.

Not only that, but this pair have since worked unselfishly for over a Decade, providing help, assistance, and on many occasions, a shoulder to cry on for well over a hundred other families, couples, and individual investors similarly affected. On top of that, as whistle blowers on the whole sorry episode, they were rewarded in 2007 with a High Court Writ for Defamation and Libel being served on both of them for $500,000 each plus damages – at 4.00AM, when a Post Office First Class stamp would have sufficed.


The full story of our fight is too detailed to go into here, and the story is still not done totally yet, but if you ever find yourself in anyway near as dire a situation, you may want to reserve an advanced copy of our book, due out next year – entitled ‘How To Get out of Debt while Still Living in it. As a similar victim you will automatically get offered a copy at a 50% discount, and resale rights.

Anyway, for two years, back in 2005, with me approaching 60, we had been slowly building up our investment property portfolio, including a dream retirement penthouse on a new Marina development near to our present home, and a superb large apartment in Bahama Bay in Florida. But then, we were seduced by very clever and expensive advertising, to buy a number of properties that on the face of it should have doubled our fortunes. One of our friends actually bought around $12 Million worth of these properties, and he was only earning around $40,000 or so a year! These properties, most with more than 4 rentable bedrooms, were all sold by the same developer, with Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuations, supposedly fully renovated, and fully tenanted with students, prior to completion, with a Landlord appointed by the developer.

Little did we realise, back then, the significance of that previous sentence. As all these properties needed Local Authority status of Multiple Tenancy, and had a landlord, appointed by the vendor, managing the tenanting of those properties. Unless the property had full Local Authority House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) status, due to the 2004 Housing Act, it would not only have been illegal for a landlord to tenant such a property, but it would also have been illegal for the landlord to sell it to another Landlord. So – any mortgage issued to finance that property, would not be able to legally secure their debt against that property.

All of the law firms we approached for support here (mentioning no names), should have immediately seen, what BDO Stoy Hayward defined, after being instructed to investigate our situation by one major law firm, that “The Investors had all become victims of a particularly vicious and clever fraud.”

In hindsight, even full-page adverts in a very prestigious UK Sunday paper, promoting the above situation, was no guarantee that what is on offer was legal, but with RICS valuers involved, solid UK law firms handing the sales, where was the risk?

Well, the risk was that somehow the valuations were in many cases valued on an inappropriate commercial basis, using anticipated rental incomes and with a local authority status of multiple tenancy, so that valuation could have hardly been the REAL Mortgage Security Value. And, on top of that, the vendor was offering a 15% Gifted Deposit (which we found out later, proven by an SRA investigation in 2010) was dishonestly concealed from the lenders, by the vendor’s selected buyer’s conveyancer – not once, but in at least 452 occasions.

So – why did that dishonest act not invalidate the mortgage offers? And why did nobody pay attention to the SRA’s investigation?

Surely there are laws to stop this sort of thing happening (we thought). But it would seem that only if you have money do you have full protection in law. Thus, began a fruitless search of many large UK law firms, trying to find one that was willing to help us on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. We found several major firms who agreed with us that “a very clever and deliberate fraud ” seemed to be in place. But would they help? No. But what they did tell us was that there would be a better chance if we could identify many similar wronged investors. It seemed then that we were doomed to accept our fate, unless we managed to jump over some quite massive hurdles. Even though we could see right was on our side, the law was not going to help us.

Interestingly, as long ago as early 2006 we met with the major UK Banks and told them what was going on. Just like the US Sub-Prime mortgage mess, did they listen? Did they curtail lending to this particular developer or tighten up their lending regulations… Nope! They just chose to lend, lend, lend – after all that was what made the profits…

We even spoke to our Member of Parliament in 2006. His comment was that the Banks needed less regulation – not more!!!

About the same time as this was happening, we attended a weekend seminar in London on NLP given by our friend Topher Morrison. One of the points on his course was to offer ‘total forgiveness’ to those who had wronged us, and “not be afraid to tell people of our failures”.

Well, little did Topher know what powerful outcomes were going to come out of his weekend session! As a direct consequence, I wrote a powerful article and published it on the Internet (not mentioning the developer, or any other conspirators by name) on what had happened to us titled ‘How to Avoid an Investment Property Scam’, and if you type that title into Google, you will see hundreds of web sites displaying this article, so popular it was. I also wrote a letter to the head of the developer company, explaining that I forgave him for what he had done to us. It was amazing how quickly we got a phone call from the man, not that it got us anywhere at the time.

The outcome of this action was very soon apparent. So many people read my article, recognised the similar situation, and signed up with me. People from all sorts of property developments, not just the one I was involved in, and asked for help.

That was the good bit. The bad bit was that the developer recognised not his name, but his actions, in the article, which is why me and Jane had this High Court Writ slammed on them (at 3.30 AM one morning) alleging Defamation and Libel. And do you know, not many lawyers can fight this sort of battle, and those that can demand tens of thousands to take it on.

This was a worse blow than even bankruptcy, because if we were to lose, we could have been pursued for up to 6 years! And losing a defamation case could happen on a legal technicality! So, without legal backing, we commenced the fight as ‘Litigants in Person’. But by now, we at least had over a hundred other investors supporting us, and we had a number of civil bodies involved, including The Department of Trade and Industry. And the West Yorkshire Police Economic Crimes Unit, in conjunction with the SFO, had begun a criminal investigation into the whole affair. (But for some inexplicable reason, in 2010 the DPP ordered the police/SFO investigation closed, with immediate effect due allegedly to “Lack of evidence)”.

We also got the press and local and national television involved (good old BBC Inside Out, and Panorama. Even Bloomberg’s got involved). We could tell that our determination and actions were becoming successful, as the next stage was a whole series of illegal bugging, recording of our conversations, and even death threats against us!

Without the power of our NLP, constantly watching ‘The Secret’ and visualising the way forward, we could have very easily crumbled, but slowly, and surely, things eventually started to go our way, and some of our obstacles started to seem a lot smaller.

Eleven valuers were arrested, as part of the ongoing criminal investigation, but as the legal battle lines are still being drawn, no more can be said for now. Apart from, of course, the fact that the developer was arrested on suspicion of fraud and money laundering recently, and all of his 30 or so companies are now in Administration, so the Defamation case is no more!

But how had we fared out of this?

Without the amount of involvement, we had both had, in understanding that most things that went on in our lives could be considerably shaped by the way in which we applied our minds to everyday events, we would probably have lost our sanity a long time ago. This ‘Inner Belief’ drew us closer as a couple. Our exposure to techniques like NLP, and in particular the effect of regularly listening to The Secret on our lives was massive.

Accepting the fact that everything we did or got involved in was our decision, nobody else’s, meant that we got rid of the ‘Blame’ culture, and started to look for ways out of our situation. In doing so, we like to think that we have also greatly helped all of the other investors who have looked to us for help, guidance, by always lending an ear when called.

However, one very noticeable effect that stress and an inability to ‘control’ our lives had on us was that over the three years that this has been going on, the amount of alcohol consumption, and all the wrong ‘comfort’ foods was having a disastrous effect on our weight. Then one day, a colleague, who was also into The Secret like us, suggested that we were letting the effects of one man affect our lives by this binge eating and drinking.

To Jane, this was like a raw challenge. For years, since a major car smash last century, she had had problems keeping her weight down. Imagine what the earlier and earlier first daily Gin and Tonic, were having on her. Now, she applied her mind to this problem, and after a determined period of over 20 weeks, she has brought her weight down by over 70 pounds. The obstacles that Jane had to overcome, to actually reach an even smaller size than she ever dreamt about were tremendous, but once again, her grasp of NLP and using her mind to control her determination, each obstacle was just another stepping stone on her route to a new body.

The problem with all of this is of course, her wardrobe will need a total replacement, which needs a lot of money!!

Once again, now that the Defamation case has gone away – which was a major obstacle even in our minds- which totally inhibited our desire, let alone our ability, to rebuild our fortune again, our determination is back in there with a vengeance, as most people, having gone through what we had done, would have quite easily succumbed to bankruptcy, and just living (or surviving) off some menial day job. (Don’t forget, most couples our age would be looking to a nice comfortable retirement as a reward for so many years in a corporate lifestyle – as we were.)

Slowly, but surely, we are rebuilding our shattered financial lives.

Since 2012, with no capital behind us, we have become very ambitious network marketers, and in that time, thanks to a very hungry team, and 5 hungry leaders (Jane and I included), have built up an impressive collection of a massively undervalued Crypto coin, which was only launched in late 2020. However, the power and open-source structure of the coin’s underlying Blockchain, and the low cost of these coins currently, has resulted in all our team, scooping u as many of these currently undervalued coins as we can.

We intend to be back as millionaires within a few years. The lessons we have learnt have been severe, but the main point you should realise, is that only you have the power to determine what you do with your life. Other people may try to influence you, and indeed place obstacles in your path, but at the end of the day, use your mind, and you will overcome.

We still start out our day with motivational videos and end with gratitude.

We also follow proven systems, because the only professional way to achieve the success we crave for, is for us, and our Team, to follow these proven route maps to success, and not to try and “Reinvent the wheel”.

Obstacles are just stepping stones to success, and as long as you view them as such, you will achieve whatever your Life Goals may be…


According to the 2004 Housing Act, if an investment property had more than 4 rentable bedrooms, and a Local Authority status of multiple tenancy, unless that property also had MANDATORY Local Authority certification of HMO (House in Multiple \occupancy), not only would it have been illegal for the landlord to install any tenants it would also have been illegal to sell that property to another landlord in that illegal state. As such, any mortgage issued could not be secured against that property. So how, after over decade, when the lender was fully aware of this situation as were the SRA and the SFO, that this tort of deceit with Causative Effect still goes unpunished, not once, but in hundreds of situations? And why, in 2010, did the DPP order a 3 year SFO Fraud investigation, where 12 valuers had been arrested, to be clued down, allegedly due to “Lack of Evidence?”



What Is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence occurs when medical treatment falls below expected standards. If a patient becomes injured as a result of medical negligence, that patient might file a lawsuit claiming medical malpractice. If a patient dies, the family might then file a wrongful death lawsuit.

The most common type of medical negligence involves surgery, but it can happen with any nurse, physician, medical technician, or medical facility. The different types of medical negligence are almost endless. Here are some examples:

Damage to a neighboring organ during surgery.
A wrong diagnosis that leads to no treatment for the condition or the incorrect treatment for the condition.
A doctor who tells a patient that he or she is okay, causing a delay in treatment that eventually leads to injury. This is especially dire if an illness is progressive, such as cancer.
A dentist whose negligent treatment causes the patient to lose teeth.
An incorrect medication or the prescription of a medication in a harmful dosage. This can be negligence on the part of a doctor prescribing the medication, a nurse administering the medication, or a pharmacist.
Unnecessary surgery that results, for example, in the inability of the patient to have children.
A botched cosmetic procedure that causes an injury or a severely displeasing result.
A medical instrument accidentally left inside a patient during surgery.
Mistakes on a medical chart that lead to incorrect medical procedures or medications.
Improper or ineffective anesthesia administered prior to surgery.
A mistake made during childbirth that leads to the death of the infant or permanent injury to the infant, such as brain damage. Cerebral palsy is often a result of this kind of medical negligence.

The Difficulty of “Causation”

In order for a patient to have a medical malpractice claim for medical negligence, he or she has to prove (1) that the medical professionals had a duty to provide a standard of care and failed to do so, (2) that the patient suffered an injury or injuries, and (3) that the injury was caused by the alleged medical negligence.


The Advantages of Using a Check Stub Template

In the business world, every minute matters. This is the reason we hear jargons like efficiency, output, savings and so on. Basically the emphasis is on working smart. Using a check stub comes as one such smart move that is needed for the business. Read on to know how it can empower you.

Do not Reinvent the Wheel

It is not only working hard that earns you money but working smart that matters. It is a solution that can help you in your day to day job. Money transactions are a regular occurrence in business. In fact, the pay check that is given out to every employee is a classic example of how repetitively we need to use the check stubs. In all such cases, finding the right template and filling it in each time is a great way to speed up your work.

Better Record Keeping

The money moving in and out of your business is to be kept track of. Though not on a daily basis, all this information will come to use when you have to file your taxes. The template that you put to use every time you make your payment to your clients will be a great reference point for them while filing taxes. This easy manageability and record keeping will be a motivating factor for them to come back to you for more business. Even you will benefit a lot with record keeping if you have a good template to work with.

Bring in Transparency

In organizations where you make payments to employees, a check stub template is best to bring in transparency. Many organizations opt for variable pay wherein the employees will be rewarded based on their performance. In order to show transparency to avoid unnecessary questioning by employees, the use of check stub template is the best. It can carry details of the break up in salary helping the employees get more clarity.


Small Business Owner Tip – Don’t Forget Your Paycheck Stub

Starting a business is a challenging task. Aside from looking for sources of capital funds, setting up your place of business, and putting the organization together, you also need to take care of the nitty-gritty details like your corporate identity. Most of all, there are the other preliminaries that you need to take care of. Do you have your business cards and letterheads ready? Do you have your business forms and templates ready as well? If you need help building your library of official business forms, what is the quickest and most convenient way to do this? Go online for templates such as paycheck stub, invoice, and purchase order.

Getting a from the Internet is especially important because you will need this to issue to your employees by end of the pay period. And it takes some time to get used to filling up a sample paycheck stub, so make sure to get your hands on a sample paycheck stub right away.

Also, you should not have any problem finding a sample paycheck stub online. There are a host of websites that feature templates, including a sample paycheck stub that you can easily download. You might even find a sample stub that is programmed with formula to help you automate your salary computation process. This way, you only need to input values like the number of hours you worked, the salary rate, as well as deductions such as taxes, social security contributions, loan amortizations and things of that nature.

In case you don’t find any downloadable stub form of this sort, you will do well to look at the online samples available, and recreate them using your regular software like Microsoft Excel. You can even create your own template by adding in formulas in the pertinent cells. This way, you won’t have to start from scratch the next payday.



The Auvergne: Windsurfing – Horse-Riding – Volcanos – Hot Springs And Medieval Jousting

The Auvergne comprises the départements of Allier (03), Cantal (15), Haute-Loire (43) and Puy-de-Dôme (63) at the heart of the aptly named Massif Central area of central France. The region is made up of many different types of landscape, with breathtaking scenery – mountains, precipitous gorges, tumbling streams, many lakes and extensive wild forests … and many extinct volcanoes, up to heights of 1,885m (6,180ft) around Clermont-Ferrand, the capital city of the region.


The Vulcania theme park celebrates the many volcanos of the Auvergne with a guided tour which descends towards the centre of the earth within an extinct volcano crater. With simulations of volcanic eruptions, and lava flows, the origins of our solar system and science of the earth and of the univers are explored.

Les chemins St Jacques de Compostelle

The most well-known and impressive of the volcanic cones (“puys”) is the Puy de Dôme close to Clermont-Ferrand, one of the departure points for pilgims joining the Chemin St Jacques “Via Podiensis” route to the shrine of St James at Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.

The pilgrim route passes through the the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne, visiting several shrines of the enigmatic Black Madonnas en route – at Besse en Chandesse, Orcival, Murat, Mauriac, Aurillac for example.

Jousting and Troubadours

The history of the Auvergne is rich in legends of medieval times. In the towns of Besse en Chandesse and Salers as we walk through the narrow cobbled streets we seem far from the 21st century. At the breathtaking chateau de Murol medieval re-enactments take place several times a week from March to October.

Cheese Tasting

Auvergne cheeses such as Cantal, St Nectaire, Tôme d’Auvergne and Bleu d’Auvergne are renowned worldwide, with the well-signposted “route des fromages d’Auvergne” offering the possibility of comparing the produce of different producers throughout the region.

Festivals and Fêtes Throughout the season from Easter to November it is difficult to make choices between the many fêtes and festivals, as each town and village celebrates it’s local specialities and culture.



Tips on how to Convert Your current Manner Images straight into True Goods

Tips on how to Convert Your current Manner Images straight into True Goods

Are there a new enjoy pertaining to manner? Should you be similar to a lot of the various other folks around whom accomplish, you will find there’s very good probability you will probably have thought of to become dressmaker. Should you have got that will aspiration as well as even now accomplish, ladies very good probability you will probably have made a number of of your family apparel as well as products patterns, at the least in writing. Should you have, as well as pondered transforming your current patterns straight into true components of apparel as well as products? In case you haven�t pondered the idea as well as should you have nevertheless for this, it can be something you might like to take into consideration undertaking.

In relation to transforming manner images straight into true goods, most people around automatically declare �but, My spouse and i can�t make it happen. � Even though that will engagement ring genuine for a lot of, the idea doesn�t should be a similar in your case. Of course, the idea isn�t often uncomplicated transforming your current manner images straight into true solutions, nevertheless it can be over probable to perform. If you need data as well as help with the best way to with regards to the process, you’ll want to stay with me in.

Mainly because it had been talked about, a lot of confident manner makers feel that it must be way too tough to show his or her images straight into true goods. One of several
advantages of that may be since a number of just might bring, nonetheless they may possibly feel that stitches can be way too tough for the children. Of course, it can be genuine that you can certainly not have the opportunity start off generating photograph excellent apparel bits as well as apparel equipment without delay, specially should you be not familiar with precisely how to train on a stitches appliance, nevertheless there exists nice thing about it. That will nice thing about it can be that it must be truly easy for you to figure out how to sew. You’ve got many different means close to hand, which include amendment online classes as well as how-to training, easy-guide stitches video clips, and also branded stitches study materials.

Yet another trouble a large number of confident makers deal with is just not keeping the items had to convert his or her images straight into true goods as well as the bucks essential for this. Like with mastering tips on how to sew, there exists nice thing about it in relation to getting pregnant items. First off, should you be doubtful about regardless of whether anyone really need to try out transforming your current manner images straight into true goods, you might like to take into consideration discovering in case any individual you are sure that carries a stitches appliance that one could access for the 1 week as well as a pair of. In addition, if you need to purchase your individual stitches appliance, anyone don�t actually ought to obtain fresh. Garden income, thrift merchants, along with on-line sell internet sites are generally wonderful spots to discover reasonably priced stitches models. Alternatives remainder of your respective items, so on your textile and also other equipment, you might like to look at searching on-line, since you can generally come across many discounted art merchants as well as textile companies on-line.

Yet another problem a large number of confident makers inquire them selves can be precisely what they might accomplish using patterns if they are generally become true solutions. Effectively naturally you’ll be able to put them on as well as allow them to have for a pals for you to don, nevertheless were you aware that is just not most? Should you be happy about your current concluded solutions the ones you are sure that are generally also, you might like to take into consideration offering your patterns. Start your current in web shop as well as wide open your storefront spot when you have ample apparel bits along with equipment for you to complete a new keep. You can even desire take into consideration drawing near community manner merchants, numerous are generally often in search of new releases to trade.

While discussed earlier mentioned, it can be over probable that you can convert your current manner images straight into true goods, if you want to accomplish that. Transforming your current manner images straight into true apparel bits as well as apparel equipment, similar to necklaces as well as totes, can be the best way to show on your own and maybe perhaps make an impression your mates. And also exciting along with interesting, often that your particular interest can make right worthwhile occupation prospect.


Expression Count number 670


The Top 5 Ways to Make Money With Info Products

Info Products are hot. Studies show the info products are now a 11.9 BILLION dollar industry (and growing at a rate of 7.9% every year!) If you’re not packaging the knowledge in your head into info products, then you’re leaving piles of money on the table. There are five top ways to make money with info products (some may surprise you.)

1. Credibility

Picture what happens to you when people see your name and photo on the cover of your very own product. Your credibility skyrockets! (Not to mention your own confidence soars to the sky.)

Even if the product is a free give-away, you can still make money. Here’s how: people are more likely to hire YOU over any of your competitors because you’ve proven to be the expert in your field. Your info product puts you in a whole other league than the rest in your field. People will come to you and pay more for your services because you’re published.

2. List Building

This is a long term strategy to make money with info products. The idea is to offer a free and enticing product like a Special Report or audio CD on your website in exchange for the visitor’s name and email. With their contact info you have a potential goldmine at your finger tips. Because, over time, that one visitor could buy multiple programs and services you offer.

Wealthy entrepreneurs always think of the long term value of their leads. Don’t think of getting a customer to make a one-time sale. Think instead of making a sale for the long-term value of a new customer. That’s why giving away a simple product for free makes sense long term.

3. Sell Online

If you offer a product people want badly – you’re set to do very well financially. At this very moment, there is a member of your target audience looking online to find solutions to their problems – solutions that YOU have. And if you packaged your knowledge into an info product and sell it online, chances are they will find you.

You can create your info product once and get paid for it over and over again. The trick to success online with info products is offering a specific solution for a specific problem to a specific audience.

4. Sell Your Info Product To Your List

This is the best way to make money with products because your own list will likely buy from you again and again. It’s easier to sell to an existing client than trying to sell to a total stranger.

There are two keys to success when selling to your own list. The first is growing that list! The larger the list, the more sales you’ll make – simple math. The second is growing your relationship with your list. A small list of people who know, like and trust you is far more valuable than a large list of people who don’t know you at all.

5. Speaking

When you speak people instantly feel connected to you. If you delivered a powerful talk that makes your audience hungry for more, you’re likely to sell a ton at the back of the room after your talk.


For Better Gas Mileage, Have a Better Car

In today’s world of contemporary society, we have many cartels and monopolies, but the one, which stands out for being the most profitable, most effective, and most powerful is the one involving oil.

This is the main reason why oil prices continues to escalate in the market area. On a global basis, this high-pricing of oil is considered as a worldwide dilemma.

Hence, in order to cut down extra cost in gas or fuel consumption and have a better gas mileage, it is a must for every driver to understand and employ the different ways on how to maximize their fuel consumption with a lower cost so as to achieve a better gas mileage. Here’s how:

1. Check your filter.

One of the most important factors that affects your chance of getting a better gas mileage is your car’s air filter. In order to have a better gas mileage, it is important to know and maintain you car’s performance by checking on its air filters. Clean air filters gives the machine’s performance a considerable boost enabling it to travel farther with a lesser fuel consumption and a better gas mileage.

2. Inspect your tires regularly.

Tires in good condition can also contribute to a better gas mileage. The tires condition directly affects your car’s gas mileage when the tire is “under-inflated”. It tends to make your car run relatively slower than its usual pace but increases your probability of getting a better gas mileage.

3. Remove excess weight.

Based on the common belief of many, light cars do travel faster. And so, in order to have a better gas mileage, be sure to always check on things in your compartment that are no longer needed.


Could Do Better?

In my early education I hardly distinguished myself either as a personality or as a scholar – while I did collect a few “O” levels (as they were called in the pre-industrial age), they were nothing to write home about, and the teachers when writing my reports could barely remember who I was in the class – but they knew me, allegedly, well enough to tell my parents that I could do better.

At Parent’s evenings you could see the teachers squint at my folks with a look of stern concentration; you could almost read their minds. “Are they Ryan’s parents? Or – no, wait – hang on a minute who’s that funny quiet lad at the back of the class – the thick asthmatic one who seems to be away with the fairies half the time – he’s got a big nose and his name begins with T. Or was it D. No, it was T (I saw D’s parents earlier. I think… ) Yes, they were T’s parents. You might not know this but there was a famous Swiss developmental psychologist that all teachers have to study who wrote a treatise on how to match children to their parents by abnormal nasal proportions and wheezing, and similar common features, including flatulence and acne.

I went to college and my academic performance measured up in a similar fashion. The reason was that it was true – I was not in any discernible sense connected to the real world – during my childhood I had withdrawn into a little fantasy world that for a time suited me. It was my “coping mechanism” I suppose. It was my protective shell, and there I stayed put for a great many years. At college a number of clever academic people also told me I could do better.

And so it seemed to go – after college got a couple of jobs and though they were not too bad, I never really felt like I fitted in and I felt that I was an underachiever. To put it another way “I could do better”. You see, after a little while I didn’t need anyone else to tell me. I could tell myself quite well enough that “Tony could do better”.

Of course the memory plays tricks on us, but I don’t remember too many people actually uttering that phrase in a way that could have been regarded as motivational. It might not have mattered much but I really felt the criticism – that was part of my natural disposition. They were not saying that I could do better for my benefit but that I should do better for theirs, or for the college’s or for the firm’s – or for my parent’s. If I had only done better they would not have had to feel the anguish of frustration.



Helping the Elderly With Mobility Devices

For any old people, the availability of a mobility device to aid them in their daily activities will definitely be a welcome addition. Most senior citizens are plagued with different physical conditions that come with old age. The most common one has to the arthritis and rheumatism which will cause them to feel pain their joints or muscles when they are walking.

To help alleviate some of these problems faced by them, many manufacturers in the disabled healthcare produce mobility devices for the elderly. You can choose from a wide range of equipments ranging from basic electric wheelchairs to mobility scooters. The electric wheelchair has to be one of the traditionally popular mobility aids for the old people. It is reliable and also offers good user experience. This is also suitable for senior citizens with more severe physical conditions such as disability of the legs. There is a joystick control which can be placed at either armrest according to the preference of the user.

After the electric wheelchair, mobility scooters have also been well received since it was introduced less than five years ago. The mobility scooter also offers similar movement aid for the user, however, it does so in a much hippy and fashionable manner. Users of mobility scooters actually ride it like a motorbike instead of sitting and controlling like electric wheelchairs. It gives a better and healthier image than one person sitting on electric wheelchairs. Therefore, most elderly people who have minor problems with some upper body strength will choose the mobility scooter over the wheelchair.

In terms of performance, both mobility aids are similar and they come in either 2mph or 4mph models. Both motors are strong enough to carry the users up ramps when there are no handicap lifts at the entrance to buildings. Mobility scooters are slightly cheaper than electric wheelchair which is also the reason why most old people choose it. It is also a suitable gift for the senior family member in your home.

This tip is so simple; you can implement it immediately and start seeing results you want! But it doesn’t stop there. You can actually take this a step further and increase your understanding using another simple technique. The problem is, I don’t have the space here to share it. It is, however, on my website.